Winter Wattage Challenge!

Poverty is a gift. I lived fridge-free for two years. All you folks in the Northern Hemisphere are experiencing winter right now. This means it is cold outside, wintry conditions. Do you need that wattage-hog fridge? No! Poverty taught me how to live without a fridge. Can you do this, too? How much will you save on electricity by UNPLUGGING!!!!

Helpful hints: Put your food outside! But do not put it on the ground, because Fido next door will enjoy your brisket for his breakfast. Yes, that happened to me, when I made tripe stew for Puzzle, I found out the next day that her novios (boyfriends) down the street had shared it for midnight snack the night before and disposed of the container in my neighbor’s yard. Oops. Sorry, Puzzle.

Hang your food in a bag from your window out of Fido’s reach. Or have it in the windowsill, or even hang it from a tree. You can store it in a solid locking box, but remember, Fido is smart! He won’t break into a canning jar nor freezer chest, but he’ll break into most soft plastic containers such as Ziploc. Don’t forget the other critters, too, such as the rodents that you could attract, so keep your food in sealed, moisture-proof containers.

You will save tons of money. I’m asking you to do this challenge and I want to know how much you save per month this winter.

It has been a blessing in my life to learn to make do with less, to learn to make do with cheaper alternatives, or to use my logical mind and problem-solve the usual life challenges. Psychiatry won’t teach you this stuff. Living your life will teach you, and there’s really no way around that.

Feedback and comments welcome!