What would happen if the bus service in YOUR area suddenly ended?

What would happen if your bus service suddenly ended? What would be the changes in your community?

I saw that happen once, a very long time ago. A bus service suddenly stopped. It meant many had to quit their jobs, or arrange with their workplaces to work at different sites. Telecommuting barely existed back then. Some arranged carpools, but many people were not so lucky. Some were close enough to their workplace to walk. Many organizations lost their volunteers. Elders were stuck at home. Schools had piggybacked off the public transit so now they had to increase the school bus system to accommodate more kids. Teens made more trouble, bored, having lost their independence. Gas lines got longer. Evening traffic worsened.  Some people purchased shitbox cars and struggled each week to fill them with gas.

Women who lived in one-car homes were stuck at home all day while their husbands used the car for work.  This was so blatantly obvious to me, even though I was young. I believe the Stranded Woman Syndrome most likely increased domestic violence throughout the area.

This was a town that had a significant poverty gap already. Ending the bus system was a racist move on the part of the town (Yes, if you hate hicks and rednecks, you are racist), racist and classist, but I am saying this knowing what I know now, in hindsight.

What if that ole defunct bus service got up and running in your community again? What are the town officials waiting for? Are they so afraid the blacks will move in and “take over the town”? Are they afraid of “lowering standards”? This is such bullshit. I’ve heard such talk and it makes me sick to hear it.

Bus services help everyone. They reduce pollution. Many people who enjoy riding bicycles but do not want to ride their bicycles after dark can now use buses to get their bikes safely home. People can go to dinner and have a couple of drinks and not worry about being too drunk to drive. Parking worries, fretting over getting towed, meter-feeding, and anxiety over finding a parking space are now obliterated. You can’t read a book and drive at the same time, but you can read a book on the bus. You can text all you want and not worry about getting pulled over.

I am done with bus snobs, people who refuse to ride the bus because of “the type of people who ride it.” A piece of me wants to tell such folks to go to hell and take their racism with them. To me, the bus means freedom to go anywhere I want, and it means privacy because the vehicle I am riding doesn’t glaringly identify me by its license plate number.

Crooks are stupid enough to drive getaway cars but really they should hop on the bus and act normal like the rest of us suckers. The common criminal is too stupid, though. They drive away from the crime scene, and then, next day, strut back to the office, say hello to the secretary, and resume the practice of psychiatry.

Okay, I got a laugh out of you alls first thing in the morning. Have a nice day.

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