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The fuzzy line between medication use and abuse









I cannot comment on the post because comments are closed. However, I agree that all drugs should not have any gatekeeper and should be available without a prescription. That’s  right, without a doc. Why? Doctors have way too much power. As soon as he writes the script, you’re stuck with him if you ever want more drugs. And due to the addictive nature of many of them, you’ll be back…again, and again, and again. You are more hooked to the doc than you are to the drug. Sorry to inform you.

This is the making of a drug addict. With the middleman gone, there isn’t this financial complexity. That plus there are more gatekeepers than just a doc and his script. There’s the pharmacy and insurance and the government. I feel it really should be a free-for-all.

Okay, now what happens? How many would still be taking Zyprexa as soon as they find it causes terrible side effects? How many would increase their Seroquel dose to 900 after having gained 50 pounds at 400? How many men would still take Risperdal after they found it made them grow breasts?

With prescriptions, what happens? “Oh no, it’s not the Zyprexa causing those effects! You’re delusional and need more drugs!” “You couldn’t have gained that much weight on Seroquel. Go exercise more and here’s more of the drug.” “Breasts? What’s this? Gender identity disorder? I think we need to raise the Risperdal.”

The prescription means control. Too much control, and too much money. If drugs came without a doctor’s prescription, the drug prices would fall flat down. Fewer people would be addicted, and in fact, we would not have an addiction problem.

Without their prescription pads, what would docs do? They’d actually do their work instead of shoving patients aside with pharmaceuticals. They’d take a second look. They’d take their patients’ pain seriously. They’d truly investigate why a person can’t sleep. They’d actually be forced to do less harm, and maybe that’s not a bad idea after all.


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