Hmm, record-setting in the age of slow

I stopped running for a few months and recently started up again. Each time I run I run faster. I have been running 5k each time, or more. Yesterday I timed the 5k at 40 minutes and 9 seconds. I think had I known I was going to go over 40, I would have sped up sooner than I did. Next time, under 40 minutes for sure. By the way, that’s very slow!

Not bad, though. I will be 59 soon.

Had I listened to the shrinks I’d be on Zyprexa. I’d have gained so much weight by now I would likely not even be able to walk, and of course I wouldn’t be running. More likely, I’d be dead. Among the millions of other innocent people killed by psychiatry.

The combination of arrogance and stupidity is a dangerous one indeed.┬áLet’s work ┬átogether to get such types out of positions of power.


This is an old post that I wrote ages ago. I thought I would re-blog it now just to celebrate just how long I have had this blog. Twelve years, folks! (the earliest posts aren’t correctly dated). So many changes….It gets you thinking about change in general, how we really don’t know what life will be like a few years into the future, do we?