I don't understand these wannabe writers who dislike writing

If I were going into auto mechanics, you bet I like to fix cars, otherwise I wouldn’t want to be an auto mechanic. Does this make sense to you? It does to me. I dislike working on cars and have no desire to be an auto mechanic. That’s why I am not one.

If you hate to write, why are you even calling yourself a writer? Why are you struggling, white-knuckling it, hating yourself for not writing (which is the norm for you), when really, you should be doing something you love to do? Why bother?

On the other hand, if writing gives you a high, if you can hardly wait every day to sit down and write, if you have to work hard to tear yourself away from your writing to do necessary stuff like eat and sleep, if you miss the bus because you were too busy writing, if your food burns because you were concentrating on your writing, if you’re writing in your head all day long even when you don’t have a pencil and paper to write down the plethora of ideas you think up, then I am sorry to say you are stuck being a writer.

Those of you who aren’t writers, I do not recommend a writing coach who might supposedly force inspiration into you. It will not work. If you aren’t motivated, I doubt such expensive cures will do anything at all.

Those of you who aren’t writers, who can’t seem to find a spare moment to write, then maybe it’s not a priority for you. Either make it priority, or stop calling yourself a writer. I’m tired of hearing these woeful stories of “Oh, my kids, my work…” Jeepers, if you’ve been at work all day long and you’re really a writer, you probably are going through withdrawal and are dying to get to a writing instrument, pen or pencil, or keyboard to relieve that itch.

Non-writers go home from work, turn on the TV, clean the house, do anything but write, then whine about how they do not have time to write. Writers, on the other hand, can’t help themselves but be magnetically pulled toward their hopeless addiction. They’re writing on the bus ride home, in the bathroom, in the break room, during lunch, and if they could, in the shower, too.

That’s not to say people who are writers go through spells of difficulty. I have heard of these difficulties, that some call “blocks.” I can recall one such block I had between around 2002 until sometime in 2005. I believe the drug Seroquel caused this block. I have not had a block since getting off that drug.

The block was specifically inability to generate text. Another word for ability to generate text or ideas is ideophoria. I have heard that ideophoria runs on a continuum.

My guess is that if you want to increase your ideophoria, look at what chemicals you are putting into your body and see if any are blocking your idea-creating ability. Note if you are fatigued. Some people write more at night, and others blossom in the morning. This does not necessarily mean being tired is a cause of blocking. Some say that at the end of the day they have too much on their minds, all the crap that happened during the day. Others find writing a welcome way to end the day.

Some say certain foods will increase your ability to generate text. Nanowrimo speaks of coffee and “junk food.” The Nano writing folks have long discussions about whether coffee is a plus or whether it should be left out. I’ve heard talk about those “energy drinks” but I know for sure they give me a tummy ache.  Many writer friends of mine say alcohol won’t help you write at all, but it might make you think your next bestseller is right around the corner. One of my favorite writing teachers said not to rely on substances at all to get you writing.

This was back before the days that Ritalin got popular. I have never taken that nor anything like it. Friends of mine claim “Ritalin makes me better.” That’s funny, these same friends were great prior to Ritalin and they’re just as fine now, except they’re addicted, sadly.

What about motivation? From what I hear, people in any field can lack motivation. I kinda don’t understand that, though, mainly because I have so much motivation I don’t know what to do with it all. Except take action.

I do not understand the “group writing” bit. Why do some people like to write with other writers present? I prefer solitude, but maybe that’s me. Let’s just say the last thing I want is to be distracted by human proximity while I’m busy doing what I love.

If you don’t want to write, don’t write. Do something else, please. Or hire a ghostwriter, some hopeless addict like me.

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