Victim Profiling by Police

Here’s an article in Mother Jones that speaks of police dismissing rape reports when the victim is of a vulnerable population:

How Baltimore Police “Seriously and Systemically” Failed Sexual-Assault Survivors

The statistics do not surprise me. Not at all. I went to my local police in Watertown MA in June of 2012 and got the same response. They told me my story had been “fabricated.” But it wasn’t.

Looking back, it has taken me quite a while to realize what really happened. After I phoned them, they looked up his record. Nothing. Spotless. A vet. Me? They already know I had a mental record. They’d been to my home enough times!

I truly believe the response they gave me had been prepared ahead of time. That is, they never had any intentions of investigating. They even offered me a ride to the mental hospital (not in those words, mind you). They had already assumed I was making it up or delusional. I doubt my going in there and giving the report had any influence over them at all.

I had not gone in there asking for “mental help.” I didn’t go in there requesting a shoulder to cry on. I wanted him stopped so that he would stop harming others. They failed me.

The whole damn town failed me. They might as well have shoved me down that downward spiral.

Don’t expect to have any recourse after these things happen. We can only pick up the pieces and try to put our lives back together. And screw ’em all.

4 thoughts on “Victim Profiling by Police”

  1. Julie i dont know how you can do it, i am still so enraged by this sort of thing thaf keeps happening…they just declared that no abuse halpened at vpch when they five pointed me and kept me in restraints for hours for not speaking and i feel like murdering their souls in a similiar fashion to show them how it feels!!! I canmot pick up any pieces and go on!!!!


    1. Pam, I can tell you when such terrible things happen and they aren’t validated, the road ahead is extremely lengthy. I can tell you I am better off than before but I still have great trouble conversing with other people, making friends, keeping the ones I have, etc. Even ordinary, mundane conversations are a struggle. There has been improvement for me, though. I must say it’s extremely gradual. That plus it’s a lonely road. We aren’t talking about the latest recipe, or make-up trick, right? Don’t let ANYONE insist you must “forgive” or “forget” or “get past it.” These things cannot be forced. We have to insist that if anyone shoves forgiveness in our faces to tell them to shove it.

      1. And we do not owe it to anyone, nor to ourselves, to re-traumatize ourselves or subject ourselves to more abuse by going to “treatment.” Ugh, I guess do-getter folks don’t exactly get the point, do they?

        1. Plus it’s not up to other people to demand that we “owe” anything to ourselves at all! My guess is that they are uncomfortable with what we are saying. Then, why don’t THEY march their discomfort to their therapists’ offices if they are so unraveled by our stories?

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