Why go on a writers' retreat?

I keep asking myself this. I see these nice places offering “cabins for writers” and I ask myself why I would PAY BIG MONEY for such a thing. I need quiet, absolute quiet, which these retreats offer, but they also offer big time schmoozing. Say what? Quiet and schmooze! I don’t understand why.

I suppose anyone who isn’t already socially isolated like I am has a spouse and/or kids in their daily life. Maybe a workplace they go to. Maybe a “best friend” they get together with now and then. Or a parent they’re caring for or one they visit on weekends. Or they go out to dinner with that thing called “family” several times a week. So given that this is “normal lifestyle” I suppose “cabin in the woods” might sound nice.

To me, “Cabin in the Woods” sounds like far more socializing than I do in my normal daily life. In fact, it sounds like far more socializing than I care to handle. Why pay for something that I’m gonna suck at and fall flat on my face? Why even bother? If I need quiet, I go to the library or if worse comes to worse (like a couple of weeks ago) I can check into a cheap hotel for far less money than “Quaint cabin in the woods that caters to writers.”

Yeah, I know there are free cabins out there. If you apply. If they decide they like you. I don’t even dare apply because getting them to like you will surely involve ass-kissing and PR. I’m sure there’s fine print involved. And very bad consequences if they change their minds someday and decide they don’t like you anymore.

Folks, all organizations are like that. If they turn on you, don’t be surprised. That’s the nature of the beast. Life, as it is. Trust yourself first. Stand on your own. The rest will fall in place and those that stand with you will remain. The rest won’t be there, and that, sadly, will be quite apparent.

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