The Princess and the Pea and Sensory Processing

If you have Sensory Processing “Disorder” or have been told you have it or think you might have it, listen up….

Remember “The Princess and the Pea”? This was the Princess who was so royal, so special, so star-filled, so honorable and absolutely princess-like that she could feel a tiny pea even under a kazillion mattresses.

Imagine that. One of us.

For this, folks, she was deemed an even more Royal Princess.

I hereby deem you all most Royal, most perfect princes and princesses ever. If anyone calls you disordered or anything else derogatory, please smack them in the face with these words. You are human and so am I.

After all, peas belong in soup, not the bed!

Thanks, dear princes and princesses, for finding the pea and returning it to the soup so we can all have lunch now.

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