I found out something about jealousy

I used to think I had a terrible problem with jealousy until I noticed a pattern. I don’t get insanely jealous of my friends who stay in touch, care about me, actually say hi now and then, and don’t end up in snob city due to their rising to success.

It bugs me when former friends rise to success and then, refuse to remain in contact, don’t give out their phone numbers, refuse to associate with me because I’m poor and unemployed, they start acting above everyone else due to their successes, and get into that snob huddle with other snobs. I tune out and lose interest, actually. I try not to pay attention when I see how successful they are. I don’t even want to read their latest updates that they send knowing they don’t give a hoot about me and don’t want to associate with me anymore. I don’t like the feeling that they got to where they are by disowning their less successful friends, those that might not have the greatest jobs, or might not have a lot of money (which to most people doesn’t look so great).

On the other hand, those that have remained in contact and do not act like snobs, I cheer on no way do I feel jealous of them at all. I guess what I am feeling isn’t jealousy, it’s a reaction to the snobbery. And the arrogant snob huddle that shuts out the non-elite, however elite is defined.

Yes, I know, this arrow hits terribly close to home. Due to lack of information I cannot tell you just how close.

10 thoughts on “I found out something about jealousy”

  1. When my sister moved to one of the most exclusive suburbs in the nation she literally disowned me. I always thought she was kind of plastic even when we were growing up but now I know.

    1. Sad…but am I surprised? Not really since this seems to be the norm for folks like us, eh? It seems to embarrass the politicians, too, when their long lost “estranged mentally ill sibling” shows up all the sudden to [deliberately] embarrass them. “Hey, dude, did you forget you had a sis?” ha ha ha ha.

      1. I never have tried to “show up” at her house. I was invited to her OLD house years ago. It was nice, but middle class. Now she is with the rich! Once I priced bus tickets to go there but they were too much. I could not even get her on the phone anymore. My sister wanted to be a DA so that’s politics.

        1. You’d think since she seems to have the money she’d help you out and pay for your travel expenses. That seems to me like common courtesy one would do for a sibling. Sadly, you are not alone, as the “disowning” of folks like us is very common. I’m not sure if it’s shame because they don’t want anyone to know a person like us is “in the family,” or possibly some idiot doctor advised the family to “disengage” without realizing the harm that doing so causes. I know occasionally there are times that it’s for the best that one ceases communication with one’s family, but sadly, MH “care” breaks up families that were okay to begin with more often than not.

        2. My sister started pushing me away young because I think my mother didn’t want me associating with her. Also, the shrinks were calling early putting the tags on me. The last time I saw her I was very obese (more than now) and probably embarrassed her. Now our parents are gone and there are no more excuses. She did pay for the plane the one time I went to see her in 2003. I saw her last in 2005.

        3. Some families stand by their labelled family members…the older ones accepted me but my generation has cast me aside. I went on Facebook years ago to “peep” on my family member’s sites and they had each other as friends on Facebook.

        4. Yes, apparently Facebook is meant for that, for families and friends to “stay in touch.” As if there were no telephone! Yes, very dumb! Maybe it’s because they have no desire to speak out loud, or have lost their conversation skills due to too much texting! On the other hand, many like it because they can share so-called “pics.” For the rest of us who have been shut out of their families, I can’t say it’s all that pleasant to see everyone else’s thrilling holiday get-togethers and know we aren’t wanted nor even thought of at ours.

        5. I know, you see pics of them celebrating, vacationing, etc…and we don’t even have cars. I think I was stuck with a bogus “mental health” diagnosis because the ones that rule knew I thought outside of the box and had ethics and morals. All the poverty, anxiety and harassment have made me nuts in a way.

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