New wonder drug

Check it out! Big Pharma does it again!
In April, the Cohen Committee approved the issuing of a licence to distribute T_____ throughout the United Kingdom and the British Empire, by Distillers Company (Biochemicals) Limited under the brand name Distaval. The sedative was promoted as a ‘wonder drug’ to treat a range of conditions including headaches, insomnia and morning sickness in pregnant women. Advertisements emphasised the drug’s safety using phrases such as ‘non-toxic’ and ‘no known toxicity’.

The year was 1958! Hmm, was someone I know born that year? And the drug?


Know where it was developed? In the concentration camps. Yep, they experimented on prisoners to make the stuff and they’re still selling next generation Thalidomide, marketed under different names.

When are we going to have Prozac payoffs, Risperdal payoffs, Zyprexa payoffs, ECT payoffs, payoffs for years incarcerated, years put out of work, years of families divided, years of marginalized lives?

We’re still waiting, and I suspect we’ll be waiting a while.

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  1. That’s about as ghastly as anything I’ve heard about psychiatry in a long time. And that’s saying a lot. Thanks for bringing it to our attention, Julie. Have you posted this at Mad in America?

    1. I’m sure it’s been posted somewhere. The temptation to use Thalidomide as a metaphor is about as compelling as Puzzle’s desire for liver.

      Maybe Puzzle is setting a good example of nonviolence. She acts cute, never bites, but definitely gets what she wants!

      What I find amazing is the hindsight bit. The long picture. That’s why we need writers. I think the media generally is short-sighted except for more investigative journalists like Whitaker. If we can keep telling our stories then maybe we can get a more comprehensive picture.

      1. The media is generally a bunch of self serving go-getters in a highly competitive industry, with limited IQs and a desire for a byline. If the company i.e. the publication says `jump’, they say `how high’ and will write as sensationally as possible to get their name in lights. A bit like academic psychiatrists aiming for tenure, publish and be damned. And the company, i.e. psublication has to please its masters – ADVERTISERS So….I used to be married to a journalist who quit after a few years and went into PR so I saw that one too!
        Oh, and remember, we’re dealing with a generation that has grown up on 3 minute grabs, but there are still plenty of reflective, intelligent kids out there who need educating so please keep writing.

        1. Oh no worries about that, Dee, I kinda can’t stop. After what they did? I have no other outlet. Do you really think anyone else except my dear blog readers want to hear this stuff? I can’t walk around talking about it, none of my friends want to hear about it. The ones I had left because I couldn’t stop.

          I’ll never forget my conversation with the state human rights people. This was the attorney working for the state who told me there was nothing she could do, and that I would have to try my luck at calling lawyers at random and hope to find one that would take me pro bono. This was after she stalled me from getting a lawyer for at least two months. I know that their job, to stall and get us exhausted. Get our hopes up and then, disappoint and hope we give up.

          Yeah, give up and go to therapy. The great remedy for malpractice. Up theirs.

          So the conversation ended with, “Oh then maybe I should write a book about it.” She didn’t realize who she was talking to. I write from the moment I get up and all day long.

          The one reason they wanted to medicate me was to make me incapable of writing. That, in fact was what my psychiatrist told me and the reason why I fired her and fled. I think I won this one.

  2. We’re getting some but when you see who and how the perpetrators are defended, you could be forgiven for a) believing the world is run by psychopaths; b) governments are run by big business; c) the victims are to blame; d) silence and greed are universal; e) that `honour’, `honesty’, `compassion’ and `guilt’ are filthy words that mustn’t be seen or heard lest they distress some people; f) that power and money are religious dogma.

    1. Yeah and we’re supposed to accept it and live with it, too. If we complain we’re called some label, such as pessimists, negative, complainers, or worse. So many venues are now talking about “We don’t want to hear stories about what’s wrong. We only want positive stories.” Huh?

      Only last night I learned that my more recent blog readers have no clue what happened to me at Massachusetts General Hospital in 2011! and most likely no clue what I am talking about when I say “abuse.” So maybe I need to post that one rather visibly and publicly for more recent readers. I am wondering also if people aren’t bothering to read my longer entries. I also know some do not even look at anything that doesn’t have a pic with it. I stopped adding pics when I realized I was attracting spammers and not real readers, in other words, numbers only.

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