Music that isn't obnoxious-sounding (totally subjective, of course)

I wonder if I could compile a list of music that I find non-obnoxious. Music that does not get on my nerves. Hmm. Isn’t that so totally an individual matter that I can’t even say anything credible or valid on the subject and probably shouldn’t even be posting this? But I will!

I think Amy White’s music really rocks. Go check her out. She’s not obnoxiously soft. She won’t bore you. Well I don’t think so.

I can’t tolerate Enya (not sure of spelling) because I heard that nonstop at Newton-Wellesley Hospital, so I got to hating the sound of her music and never wanted to hear her again. I do like Clannad, though. She was part of that group, which I think was a family group from Ireland somewhere.

Aoife ni Ferreh sings in Gaelic. It’s possible I have her last name spelled wrong. She, too, won’t bore you. She’s upbeat and sometimes sings a capella. Very traditional-sounding, too.

The old Simon and Garfunkel songs can’t be beat. Some of them still bring me to tears. They probably should.

“You’ve got a friend” makes me cry to this day since it’s a total lie.

The whole album by Talking Heads called Remain in Light, I’d say that’s their best. That one came out in 1980. From what I know, they did that one in a flash, on instinct, and did a whole lot of innovative electronic stuff that was new for that time period. They were criticized because people tried to put inner meaning into what they had done, and were disappointed to learn that the inner meaning had not been predetermined nor planned, but came as epiphany during creation of the music, and this becomes how it is brilliantly expressed to the listener. How amazing is that? Yet many critics failed to understand this. (Lack of insight on the part of the critics.) I don’t find this music at all obnoxious.

Maybe if you feel the intent of the artist, feel what the artist is doing and saying, then you don’t hear it as noise, but as something beautiful.

Maybe if you hear that I am sitting here saying these things because I do my darndest to be a decent human being, to tell the truth at least, to be honest about what I am going through from day to day, then that’s why a few of you are sitting at your screens reading this and don’t mind me rattling on.

It’s not just words anymore. I hope. It’s communication and sharing between us. Or that’s my intent. Isn’t that what art does? Freely communicate between artist and receiver?

I keep thinking about that.



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  1. OMG, isn’t Aoife Ní Fhearraigh fantastic? But so are many other “unsung” (punny, punny) , at least in the US, Irish- Gaelic singers. Just from Clannad alone, there are such wonderful soloists! Marie Brennan is terrific, and used to sing in Gaelic, until she started sounding like an Enya clone…Then of course there is Mary Black, who was very popular, even in this country. Dunno where she is at these days. And God, so many, many others that most people do not know of. By the way, are you familiar with Eric Bogle the Scotsman, expatriated to Australia, who is such a fantastic songwriter and (IMHO) singer as well, though his voice is utterly untrained? What about Priscilla Herdman, now likely considered an old lady but a few decades back she used to sing wonderful songs that were Australian folk poems by Henry Lawson, set to music.

    Kate Wolf died of leukemia way too young and many years ago, in this country, but wrote and sang lovely songs…and man o man, I could go on and on!! This is indeed a subject I could warm up to very quickly!!! because it is not just rap and hiphop that I adore and never has been.



    1. Pam I can’t thank you enough for correcting my spelling! I know that’s next to impossible to spell unless you have a tiny bit of Irish in you. I know my last name fools people, but I don’t.

  2. Ora Fallon, Connie Dover…De Danaan then, Loreen McKennit, and Kate Rusby, who is British, but a lovely singer/songwriter

    Maddy Prior alone , and singing with Tim Hart, after Steeleye Span, and then Maddy Prior singing with June Tabor as the amazing duo SILLY SISTERS…OH, their sound was so astounding on early British folksongs!

  3. I admit to liking Enya at one time, mostly because I fell in love with that Passat commercial way back when…but she has been overdone and over-used. But I still love Orinoco flow, and a couple others. On the other hand, I have not been to anywhere they over played her, just listened to her by my lonesome so I could pick and choose completely and never got too much at any one time. I really loved Maire Brennan at least the early albums, but so many others just made bigger impression on me that I never did over do either one. I would have to go through my CD collection to remember them all, and maybe I will! Gosh, so many good singers to share, and so few people to share them with!!!

    I must say that I never did like instrumentals plain, but with the human voice added, WOW!!!

    Also loved Ladysmith Black Mombazo but that was one group that almost did get overplayed back in the day…On the other hand the sound track to “Tstotsi” which is available on CD is astoundingly good and not as well known..the movie based on play by Athol Fugard is very distressing but also amazing.



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