Amazing website outing bad therapists…..

Lucien Greaves has a fabulous website. Here’s his reading list:

Rather comprehensive, eh?

Do you know anyone caught up in that? Anyone who suddenly claims to have DID and then, suddenly comes out with these stories of ritual abuse? The sad thing is that these therapists are totally discrediting REAL victims of ritual abuse. There were such children! Of course! Because of these therapists, we can’t even tell who has been brainwashed and who hasn’t! This harms real victims, harms real rape victims, and those whose memories were forcefully suppressed by their perps. “Don’t tell anyone or I’ll kill you.”  Or, “Don’t tell anyone or I’ll kill your parents.” Yes, these things really do happen. False memories are also induced by bad therapists who are power-hungry and have some agenda of their own.

Greaves (aka his other name) speaks of the Castlewood gag order. He’s absolutely spot on there, and I agree with him. I am wondering why we are even letting these judges put gag orders on patients in the first place!

Listen: How many rape victims report rape? A small percentage. Let’s say under ten percent go to authorities, either campus authorities or police. How many go to trial? Ten percent of those reported, perhaps. How many result in a conviction? Undoubtedly more than half get off. So let’s say 0.5% of rape cases at most result in conviction. Depending on who you are.

Of malpractice: How many get reported to an anyone? I’d say in fewer than 10% of cases the word “malpractice” is used to describe what happened. My grandmother’s uterus was removed, and I believe her ovaries as well but I’m not sure, and this was not medically necessary but she was lied to and told she could not have any more children after her first. Malpractice? Yes. Genocide. Yep. But I never heard my grandmother say those words. Ever. Not as applied to what happened to her.

Eventually she sure did find out. I’m sure it was hard to take. She knew there was nothing that could be done. Fate. A shrug.

For most, that’s the outcome. It happened. We lost him. He’s dead. An accident. They might look at each other, and have that faraway look in their eyes. No one wants to say. Why dig it all up now?

I’d say fewer than 5% are ever even recognized as malpractice and ever reach an official, such as a state agency or overseer. Of those, fewer than one quarter can get an attorney. I bet almost all get off. This is why when a patient wins a malpractice case, or even a group wins a class action suit, it’s huge news. It’s so darned rare.

Maybe this is because the dead can’t talk to us. What if they could?

Down the road, the doctor still practices, making heaps of money. No one talks. No one says a word. Another patient dies. Again, the family says nothing. And another. Many survivors fear retaliation.

One day, word gets out. The doctor has died. What has killed the good man, we ask….The  papers have it. We go run and see. It’s here, in the stores, at the corner. Look, here, on the front page.

Murdered by his wife. Now we’re talking.

Okay, I need to wrap up this fiction and get on with my day….


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  1. Julie,

    Lucien Greaves is the co-founder of The Satanic Temple, He does have any degree that would qualify him to comment on the legitmacy of DID or Satanic abuse. Given that he has an interest in the Satanic arts, it would make sense that he would try to discredit those whose experiences with Satanism were abusive.

    As a “real” victim of ritual abuse and a former client of Castlewood, I can assure you that the clinicians there, had no investment in getting clients to beiieve in “false memories” of satanic abuse.

    Maybe it would be wise to do more research, before jumping onto somone else’s bandwagon.

    1. I did, in fact, see who he is. I only posted his reading list, saying it was rather comprehensive. I am a victim of therapy abuse myself. I have also known many others who were abused by therapists and sadly, more than one who died following therapy abuse. One was abused by a doctor from my hometown and the case became famous.

      I don’t advocate worshiping Satan because I do not like the idea of advocating worshiping anything. To me, pushing a religious belief on another would be an imposition on Freedom of Thought. People are free to think as they wish.

      I am not actually jumping on any bandwagon. I got a wagon of my own.

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