Clarification: Sensory processing differences is not a symptom of anxiety or a sign of a mental disease

Sensory processing is a neuro thing that happens entirely independently of “anxiety.” It is generally apparent by age three, often before. It isn’t always a problem for a person due to compensation. Just like any other characteristic we have.

….such as, for instance….My height. It isn’t a problem being short. Mostly. But sometimes, it is. Like when I have to reach up to get something and I can’t.. Then, it’s temporarily a nuisance because I might have to ask for assistance or get a ladder. Or jump up and hope I can grab what I need.

On the other hand, I can hide in tiny spaces. Tall people do not fit.

SPD is a nuisance sometimes. Often not. Don’t blast the TV and I’ll be thrilled. This isn’t a mental disorder. Think: ringing in the ears. That’s somewhat of a sensory processing thing. It happens between the inner ear nerve and the brain and still they don’t really know. You can’t turn it on or off. SPD is like that. I’m sure glad they don’t have a pill for it, and I hope they never do.

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