No, I don't want treatment for Sensory Processing Differences. This is me.

Hello, I see no reason, at 58, to have “treatment” for Sensory Processing “Disorder.” Please, tell me why I need one more “treatment” for a human difference? I like myself the way I am. I am just fine. I adapt. If you do not like breaking glass objects due to clumsiness, you have a choice. You can go through “treatment” so that you do not break glass objects. Or please, don’t get a job as a glass museum curator. Or, ahem, live in a glass house.

By the way, are there any glass houses out there that are affordable in my income bracket? I am hardly likely to EVER live in a glass house, you guys!!!! Go give the shrinks the boot!!!

All relationships are adaptation. You adapt to me. I adapt to you. In the world, we live in the world by adapting. We adapt to the world. When each of us is born, the world makes room for one more kid. It bends and adapts.


Maybe it’s time we consider quiet and silence. Maybe we need to examine the amount of sound we have in our lives. Sound is so important, as is the absence of sound. What do you hear in your daily life? Do you hear noises all day long, such as buzzes, traffic noise, someone else’s music, honking, nearby bars or Muzak while you are working? Do you live in a college dorm? Do you have any place you can go where it is completely silent?

We need to consider the amount of sound our children are exposed to in their lives. All day long they are at school. Is the school a noisy place? Does the school demand that the children learn to stay quiet for brief periods, as a discipline? Yes, it’s hard, but it’s a good practice to learn to tolerate both shouting of other kids and silence and stillness of an entire classroom. Imagine that. Does your kindergarten have “nap time”?

Realize the importance of turning off the TV. Realize the importance of silence in your child’s life and the importance of learning to live with no sound at all. Many children never ever know the world without unbearable noise in countries where there are no public libraries.

If you live in an urban area you may find it’s hard to find a quiet place. Same with some small towns especially in summer. Many towns can get rowdy on weekends and even allow fireworks. The sound bothers animals. Does it bother you?

What about traffic? Does the traffic on your street ever stop? When you go inside, do you still hear traffic noise? Believe it or not, the level of noise may affect you. It affects me so much that it was one of my main complaints about a few of my recent places I have lived. It’s hard to get people to understand. It’s not a matter of growing some skin, either.

Seriously, it isn’t. And if you have SPD too, and you’ve been told that, tell the person that you have plenty enough skin to cover your body and you’re human just like anyone else. You have the right to be here. I have the right to be here. You have preferences, as do I, and we all should be a wee bit more tolerant.



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