Do you have trouble copying and pasting off of ANYTHING in the Chrome browser?

The Google Chrome Help forums are making this tougher than it really is. If you use Chrome, and you suddenly find you cannot copy and paste off of it, that is, you can’t copy anything out of the body of a page, an email, a PIN number, or anything you highlight, then…..


Guys, stop getting mad at Google and please don’t be rude on their forums. I had the problem, too.  No worries, it’s just a glitch.  This is how I found it can be quickly solved. The Default Method for Solving Everything:

Restart Your Computer.

Yes, that’s all you have to do. Now, open Chrome and try again.

Another thing you might try is restarting Chrome, but usually I have to restart the machine altogether.

While you are at it, please, all you non-techies out there….

Computers are not perfect. The reason is that 1. the hardware isn’t made to last forever. 2. The hardware and software and online interfaces you are using are designed and manufactured by humans. 3 Your servers are run by people. 4. Technology changes. Humans update, upgrade, and when they feel like it, ditch what doesn’t work well. Or just go home and call it a day.

“I’ve been working on the railroad……” Wow, I loved it when my dad used to sing that one to me, even though he couldn’t carry a tune.

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