Age discrimination sucks

If you are under 30 you need to quit complaining about being “carded.” Let me tell you it won’t take long before you are refused a job, refused housing, and even refused a date because you are considered “too old.” Just wait till your own family tells you you’re “having a senior moment” and threatens to “put you out” only because they want that house you are living in for themselves. Just wait till every date you try to get is prefaced with “but can you still perform?” Just wait till next time you apply for a job, you are competing against irresponsible 20-somethings who have so many offers they are actually turning some down.

Yes, we seniors and almost-seniors can buy all the cigarettes and booze we want, but most of us don’t. We might look like hell because we’ve been through ten times more than you have, but we sure know better than to douse our troubles in the bottle or go up in smoke. Don’t be stupid and quit asking us to buy those poisons for you. I don’t have a job either. You think someone’s gonna hire me? I’m an old hag. No one wants me anymore. Get some years on you, kid, quit discriminating against people wiser and more experienced than you.

3 thoughts on “Age discrimination sucks”

  1. Totally. But I will remain in charge of what I complain about. I am enjoying aging, except for the pain. People treat me with more respect, for the most part. I was hired for my current job at 53, and they hired a guy almost of 60 at the same time, who was pretty decrepit and ended up having knee replacements and heart surgery. No prob. The college kid they hired has been a lot of trouble.

    Most of all, it feels comforting to be on the home stretch in this bullshit human realm. I look forward to the death process.

    One of your previous posts said that it was juvenile to suffer, just saying.

    1. I don’t mind aging, I just don’t like discrimination. By the time a person reaches 50 they will have one or two health conditions. It’s a given. I dislike seeing others discriminated against, too. Ageism runs rampant. Just listen to people’s vocabulary.

      A friend of mine was turned down for housing due to age. The person said, “We didn’t think you’d be able to climb the stairs” as she was turned down.

      1. Yeah I know, I often get rebuttals about these workplaces that supposedly do not discriminate, or various examples of people who aren’t discriminatory, or say they aren’t. We all are. Every single one of us does this at some point, in some way. We need to stop ourselves from judging and apologize. And accept apology gracefully as well. We aren’t perfect.

        I truly believe much work needs to be done.

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