Is the rule of thumb to be polite no matter what? 

I keep wondering if I should be polite or point out the obvious. Should I let things go, or ask people to behave in a respectful manner? Should I be honest about how I feel if how I feel is not so thrilled? How much discrimination do you endure before putting your foot down? 

When trying to find a place to live I have learned that a casual attitude works best. Act like you are picky and choosy when really you are at the end of your rope. Never admit you are desperate, ever. Never admit how close you are to homelessness. Don’t thank them profusely. 

Housing discrimination is the norm. My friend is dealing with age discrimination right now. One “roommate” situation turned her down upon arrival. “We should have asked your age before,” they said. “You can’t climb the stairs.” She pointed out that stairs were not a problem, knowing that now they would need a new excuse to turn her down. 

She tried again.  These folks were more polite but she knew they could hardly wait to say no to her. She noticed they showed no regrets and made a quick and awkward exit when she mentioned her pet.

Never let on how desperate you are, how tired, broke, frustrated, or disillusioned you feel. 

You can tell me,though. I am not judgemental like that. I am not fond of smiling my way through life  either. 

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