The Worst Therapy Abuse Ever: John Gunderson's BPD diagnosis abuse put thousands of women to the grave: Mary Richardson Kennedy included

Please note that this is only my opinion. However, from what I know and have seen and heard from many people, what I am about to tell you is plain as the elephant in the room that has been sitting there for years. Why on earth no one talks about this and lets it sit there, I do not know.

Please read this:

The New Face of Borderline Personality Disorder: Mary Richardson Kennedy Abused Her Husband and Children and Committed Suicide as a Final Act of Revenge for Perceived Abandonment

It took me a while to go back and find the article. I’m trying to find the author’s connection to Gunderson. I’m sure there is one, and it’s most likely a financial arrangement, or mutual back-patting.

If anyone out there has ever met John Gunderson, you will note that he does not provide anything like treatment. His mode of “care” is hardly that. He’ll let you say maybe two sentences, then he’ll spend the rest of the “session” spewing out hateful anti-woman remarks and, if you’re Jewish (as I am), a few antisemitic remarks to top it off. Before you leave his presence, no matter who you are, no matter how “normal” you are, you are guaranteed to leave with a BPD diagnosis.

I have personally spoken to a number of people who were forced to see him. They told me they got the same “treatment” I got. A bunch of insults and nothing else. No benefit, they said. Only insults. “I would never see him again!” one guy said to me. “I hate him,” a woman said to me. “Don’t ever see him!” someone else said. Another friend of mine who I know by email only told me, “He diagnosed me BPD but I had the sense that he diagnosed everyone that no matter what.” This same person had encountered other overdiagnosers and noted the same. They love their pet diagnoses.  Apparently he is very wealthy and is esteemed at McLean and seen as an “expert,” meaning he has a lot of power and ability to do harm to innocent people.

The problem with BPD is that it is a harmful diagnosis. It even kills people. It causes bigotry, especially in the medical sphere, and often, mental health professionals encourage families to excommunicate BPD family members, stating that the patients “will never change” and that they have “chemical imbalances.” This is not true. The treatment and expectations only worsen these behaviors. Therefore, the diagnosis should not even be given. It is a completely harmful and destructive way to bully a patient into social isolation, and eventually, early death.

As you can see, Mary Richardson Kennedy underwent “treatment” with this man, John Gunderson, whose mode of therapy was abusive and unkind. I myself had only two “sessions” with him many years ago (around 1997) and found him rude and intolerable, and to my shock and disbelief, for a doctor, below average intelligence. I convened with other patients afterward and we all agreed. I cannot imagine what Mary Richardson Kennedy went through. How many sessions did this poor woman have to endure? Did anyone even know that this man was abusive? Sadly, therapy abuse does not come without consequences. After the abuse, which was called “treatment,” which of course, didn’t help Mary at all, she got worse, didn’t she? I personally believe the abuse was what caused her suicide. I have known this for a long time.  To me, it’s obvious that the harmful BPD diagnosis and the therapy abuse were what did her in.

I do not fault her husband, either. He, too, fell prey to her phony diagnosis. He was told she had a disease by this authority figure. Why should he not believe it? This sealed Mary’s fate. Now, her husband expected certain behaviors of her. It saddens me that Gunderson harmed this family to the point of killing one of its members. But Gunderson was by all means a woman-hater. He was even cruel to his female students.

Is it okay for me to bash this man and his “treatment”? Yes it is. He’s a public figure. He is all over Google and he claims expertise. I had personal contact with him and I can tell you it wasn’t an evaluation. It wasn’t treatment. It was a series of insults and little else. Because of the grave harm being done I believe that it’s okay to say the things I am saying. In fact, it’s overdue.

If anyone out there claims getting insulted by a therapist for an entire hour over multiple sessions is helpful and does them good, you’re probably being paid handsomely (in some fashion) by the abusive therapist to say so. Therapy abuse causes suicide, homicide, and other violent acts.  People who harm others via diagnosis and bogus “treatment” such as Gunderson and their ilk should be stopped. If anyone out there reads this and was harmed by him, do not hesitate to comment.

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  1. These are dangerous people. I had one who diagnosed everyone with bipolar, In my case, at 57 years old, after my telling him I’d never had a manic episode in my life and I’d been a psych nurse so I knew it when I saw it. I was actually reeling from 14 ECTs for a Prozac reaction at the time. His diagnosis sentenced me to a further 73 ECTs and 13 years of anti-psychotics and `stabilisers’. Lithium made me suicidal the entire time I took it and the others gave me akathesia and the rest.
    Now I’m off everything for over 2 years and not a single sign or symptom of bipolar! Just some iatrogenic PTSD. This man also ruined the life a fellow medic with the diagnosis, the poor man sued him but lost. Fortunately for everyone the quack died recently, “too soon”, his adoring eulogy said, “too late,” I said. I suppose I should thank him and his recommended `treatments’ for blunting my emotions and making me callous enough to be thrilled that he’s dead and to hope his death was painful.

    1. Aw, man! Yes they have the power to ruin so many lives! Simply by doling out diagnoses! That’s horrible what happened to you! You’d think a DOCTOR would recognize the effects of Prozac combined with your brains being electrocuted! Crap, I mean, a hairdresser or dog groomer could tell by the hair standing on end…or due to Prozac, half of it pulled out! Either that or did he think you were canine? Oh dear, call the vet! Canine on the loose here…..Puzzle loves to have more pals around anyway….Dogs are smarter! Don’t worry about the fur, it grows back. Now, as for that doc…..Maybe his type are due for some lashes with a wet lasagna pan coated with ECT goo, eh?

      1. That old fool had to ring up a friend to find out whether Epilum (?spelling) caused your hair to fall out , which mine was doing like chemo does. The friend, a dermatologist said YES. So how did a dermatologist know more about a psychiatric drug than the psychiatrist who prescribed it? I trained with the retiring generation of psychiatrists in this town and I have to tell you that over 6 years I met only 3 that I could hold a reasonable conversation with about ANYTHING. Of the others, were two who were psychopaths that you wouldn’t want to go anywhere near, one was overtly psychotic, one was the most rampant narcissist (yeah, I know `labels’, but I worked there too) I ever met before or since, another was a sadist and a drunk and the rest were basically so nondescript and dumb that I can’t remember them at all. These were the senior educators of psychiatry from about 1980 to now. Fortunately they’re now dying off.
        I might add that I, as a nursing student, provided the template for the DPM exams. My pap[er was the example for them of what you had to know about psychiatry to pass your exams and I was self educated because the nursing course was crap. BUT I read Rogers, Ericson, Haley, Goffman, Klein, and others I can’t even remember now and their stuff wasn’t required for exams. So those guys never read any of that.
        The other lady of the 20 ECT for Lexapro – well I had a reputation for being anti ECT, and she (though I didn’t know it was hers at the time) had written a letter for me to sign that If I mentioned ECT AT ALL, TO ANYONE in the hospital including the staff, I would be discharged instantly. Since ECT was the cause of ALL of my distress I said, Right, I’m off”, and packed my bags. In minutes the nurse came back and said if I left I’d be sectioned and transferred to the public ward. Hobson’s Choice huh? Since I’d just come from one of those abusive hell holes which had been hard to get out of, I signed.
        But after 7 years I was beginning to get on my feet and if someone asked me about ECT, I told them. The chief of this place was the leading ECT proponent in my city, if not country and the clinic’s profit was directly linked to ECT, so I was persona non grata. THIS is why I got 20. In my file I was appalled to see that my quack had consulted with this dreadful man whom I hated and HE was the one who’d recommended it. So breach of confidentiality from her, and he broke the law by recommending as a consultant AND performing it for a fee as well. Naughty! I’d forgotten this. They really are horrible people, without intelligence, insight, empathy, compassion or humility. THAT’S why I keep writing and you do too. I lost my ability to write books after the first lot of ECT – I had a publishing contract for the first with an option on the second at the time. I was halfway through the third with a list of titles for the next 4 but the brain injury robbed me of the ability to write a long narrative – I’d get lost all the time. The short stories and plays did well in competitions and on stage until the next set pf 20 and that was the end of that. Sorry about the diatribe, you’re a great therapist for just allowing venting. Good luck with it all. Deirdre Oliver

        1. By all means we need to keep exposing this fraud any way we can!!! I am not surprised about the gag order, no matter what they wan to call it! Same here, I recall at certain times they pretty much did not want me talking about anything at all. Id I sis, I was told to shut up, given a pill and segregated from others.

  2. We need to establish that these diagnoses have no scientific basis. Every time I see shrinks making money by abusing the trust people have in medicine, I get RLS: Restless leg syndrome- ready to boot them out the door. Do you know of any works on the philosophic foundations of modern psychiatry? That is where the problem is, though no one seems able to study it, or even raise the right questions. We just see the disasters they have not managed to cover up.

    1. Their “bible” is the Diagnostic and Statistics Manual, the DSM, which doesn’t contain any statistics, by the way, nor cures, simply states how to classify humans and call each and every one of us abnormal. Here’s the rule of thumb: If one classification expires after a few years, and there have been more damages from drugs or ECT, then use another classification to explain away the further damages.

      So…A patient who works in sales and tinkers in sculpture and enjoys gardening comes to a shrink complaining of depression. He is given Prozac, which makes him wring his hands nonstop and pull his hair out. After a year his diagnosis is changed to chronic OCD. He is put into a “program” and given more drugs, and then, his marriage breaks up and he goes on disability. He moves in to a rooming house. He goes off his drugs cold turkey when his insurance no longer covers. This causes psychosis. He is labeled schizoaffective and put in State for life. His former wife tells her friends he must have turned into a monster, she does not know what happened. He dies in the institution, alone and forgotten.

      1. Excellent. I am trying to learn more about that Murphy’s law, if anything can be said to have gone wrong it will be said to have gone wrong.I am asking, “what is the function of which these are called malfunctions,” and not only is there no scientific knowledge at the basis of modern psychology, they neither notice or care! Lawsuits! Was Charles Whitmer, the Austin shooter, on antidepressants? What if the stats for these shootings were 100%? No one will even study it, yet.

        1. We call it The Murphy Bill due to it being pushed by Tim Murphy who is a congressman from Pennsylvania. Plus another bill pushed by Chris Murphy of Connecticut. This has nothing to do with Murphy’s Law. It is a coincidence but fun to poke fun at the serendipity, eh? As for antidepressants, just about all mass shooters had prior or current exposure to psych drugs. Nearly 100%. We cannot claim cause/effect, but yes, this sure is a glaring elephant in the room.

        2. Yes, I wrote to Mr. Murphy a while ago, and will write to him again after I read the bill. I would write my own rep., but they will not listen. Writing to ones rep is probably a characteristic listed for the DSM! I told NPR to visit your blog. Keep going! When I get some $$, I will buy your book.

        3. It has nothing to do with any laws, has nothing to do with Murphy certainly. It was my deliberate choice to remove it from print for now but will be republishing it and making it available at a lower price as soon as I can. I am also coming out with a new book which will be available to download for a low price.

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