Fair weather


I just got curious and checked out the weather in Boston. Overall, New England weather appears to be more unpredictable than most places on earth. But that statistic was expected, so that makes it predictably unpredictable.
Okay, so it’s Diagnosed Bipolar, meaning the weather is Expected to Get Violent At Any Minute. Stand Your Ground. Don’t fire unless fired upon, and keep that ole panic button (the umbrella) handy.
If we undiagnose New England weather, would that mean umbrellas (which are safe and occasionally effective until they break) can be safely tossed out? Or maybe a taper would be advised. After all, cases of umbrella withdrawal have been reported…..
Peter Breggin says the following; Unpredictable weather isn’t a disorder. It’s normal! No need to diagnose or undiagnose it.
Do we need to notify David Healey on the side effects and subsequent Umbrella Cover Up? I Was Harmed By An Umbrella…Umbrella Lawsuits…Let’s all revive PsychRights on this one….C’mon…Scientology will be shelling out millions.  We need an emergency MindFreedom meeting immediately to discuss impending Umbrella legislation. Get a petition going and we can all write in to the FDA and after that…business as usual. It’ll rain.

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