What I eat

In case you are curious, here’s about what I eat these days:


I just found this article just now but it seems to describe my own eating pattern, that I figured out entirely on my own based on experimentation (what works best for me). I hesitate to post any “diet” recommendations since I feel all bodies have different needs.

I know each of you needs to experiment. You need to free yourself from the idea that an outside expert is more qualified than you are to tell you what to eat. Each time you catch yourself believing this or wanting to turn to an outside person, that is, someone besides YOU, correct that thinking. You are your best advisor.

Free yourself from someone else’s rules. Be free of imposed meal plans and forced imposed weigh-ins. These are restrictive and will impede your own self-knowledge and self-understanding. It will only cause you to lose touch with your own needs in order to adhere to outside regulations. You need to adhere to YOUR needs, not another person’s nor the needs of the institution.

This also means taking responsibility for your own health, and taking control over your life decisions. We put that off forever, don’t we? Take your control back! Don’t play the helpless role because that’s an invitation to the “helpers” to step in. If you ever befall misfortune, you can let the lifeguard rescue you, but please don’t marry him! He is only doing his job, so please realize that and move on.  Don’t get hooked.

Worried about phone spying? Do not lend your smartphone to anyone

If you are at all concerned about spying, do not lend your smartphone to a stranger. If someone gives you a phone, such as a work phone, or if a parent gives you your phone you might as well assume your parent or boss has installed software intended to be used to spy on your activity. Legal or not, your boss or parent or spouse THINKS it’s perfectly okay to do this. They think they’re doing the right thing. They think they’re protecting you, or protecting something they very much fear they will lose, so they truly believe that what they are doing is fine. Don’t expect them to admit it to you, either. Their aim is to “catch you in the act,” after all. Their intentions are not so stellar as they would want us all to believe.

I would suggest not using your work phone for personal use. Isn’t that a no-brainer? Try to get a separate phone that no one knows about for your privacy. This may not be possible if you are a minor, depending on location and what your laws are. Furthermore, laws in some locales protect parents and bosses who spy, to an extent. If your ex is spying on you, chances are you can prosecute if you can prove it. Turn off the phone or toss it out as a last resort. Trade it in. I wonder if resetting or wiping a phone will get rid of the spying software.

That I know of, the softwares can only be installed in the physical phone. The best spy software cannot be installed remotely. It is a matter of time, though, before these packages download themselves. I suppose that’s much better than having a microchip implant in your tummy.

No one wants to be friends…..Another link

If you scroll down you’ll see some rather practical reasons why I cannot seem to find friends. Scratch the oversimplified initial assumptions.


I already do initiate conversations and I am not shy. I know the problem is that I do not fit in, maybe my age is different or people assume I do not enjoy the things they enjoy such as drinking booze and going from bar to bar, which is true.

Beyond that…You’d think after all these years……Why this friendship thing is a persistent problem.

Maybe I had a very bad role model in high school that started it all. I had a bad friendship back then that lasted four years. I don’t know if you readers read my memoir (but you should, if you are curious) and you’ll see the poor example of “best friend” and then, maybe you will understand what I was up against. Thirty years of therapy never addressed it, either. I think the therapists themselves were uncomfortable talking about it.


"Friend nobody likes" …Link…UNDERSTATEMENT…..

Here’s the link and my commentary…

17 Signs You’re The Friend Nobody Likes

You have to click from one page to the next and there are three or four pages.

Number one: “Your friends seem to invite….” THERE ARE NO FRIENDS TO INVITE ME ANYWHERE, period. No one to invite nor not invite. No one.

Number two: Yeah, the jokes and whispering. I don’t even bother. I ignore it because in my opinion, talking about people behind their backs is kids’ stuff. Never mind cruel.

Number three: Well, yeah, the obvious lies and excuses. Don’t people realize that we aren’t dumb, we KNOW when you are lying and making up excuses. I think it’s obvious that “my phone was plugged in” cannot be used ten times in a row or it’s too obvious. I think also “I had the flu” cannot be used for six months. I doubt anyone had the flu that long. “I don’t have time for you” won’t float when you are sitting at the pool with  your other pals.

I do not have any room in my life for such snobbery anymore. I have no more tolerance for lies and excuses. People who lie and make excuses should just say flat out “I don’t like you and don’t want to be your friend.” Or just be honest. “I am ashamed to be seen in public with you.”

Number four: What defines “important news”? Sadly, I found out that my nephew earned his Eagle Scout award in a random Google search, years afterward. Do you readers out there realize how sad that is? No, they didn’t tell me, the aunt. I am not considered part of the family. Too sad.

Number five: I don’t do instagram, so….

Number six: No one is around me.  I cannot yet find anyone willing to spend time with me. So I cannot answer that. I keep trying, though. Why is no one willing to spend time with me? Is that asking too much? Last time I asked someone, it was obvious arm-twisting on my part so I told the person “You don’t have to, that’s okay,” just to get the person “off the hook.” Of course, if it’s a “duty” it won’t be enjoyable for either of us.

Number seven: All the time… But as I said, no one ever hangs out with me and I spend all day alone, so the question does not apply really.

Number eight: I suppose I have hundreds of contacts and it’s true, I can call NONE of them. I cannot tell you how many I have written to recently and have not gotten a return email.  I think the bouncebacks are worse. Those reminders that they see me as worthless shit that they don’t even have time to send a personal response to.

Number nine: Less close? No. That’s an understatement. Literally dumped by my friends means just that. Most never speak to me anymore, do not write and do not call.

Number twelve: I have no in-person friends to tell jokes to so I cannot test this one out.

Number thirteen: Last time I was in a group of people someone made a remark that he was “offering an alternative” to this gal sitting next to me, suggesting that maybe if she was not enjoying speaking to me she could gladly switch to another person. What was even sadder still was that the guy assumed I didn’t understand the dynamics of the situation. YES I was wall aware of what was going on and yes it was truly insulting. I didn’t know what to do. I said nothing because it all happened so fast.

Number fourteen; Forget holidays. They are a big nuisance to me. Yes I spend them alone and I am determined to change that. Well? Next year maybe.

Number 15: I can’t afford to go to the movies, and don’t want to anyway. It would be too hard to stay awake for a whole movie, no matter what time of day.

Number 16: There are no parties. I have no friends to uninvite me to parties.

Number 17: Texts, oh god…..Why not pick up the phone and actually talk? Because I know no one wants to hurt my feelings but they don’t want to be my friend and most do not have the guts to say so.

See you later.









Newton, MA residents: Please vote Kay Kahn out of office!

Check out the bills she is sponsoring:

http://www.kaykhan.org/ Just scroll down and her key bills are right there on the front page! Force, force, force! Newton residents, do you want force, or do you want care? Forced care is not care. Forced care does not exist. It’s an oxymoron. Force is abuse. No one gets better if forced. In fact, in a pilot program of AOT in New York, patients forced into outpatient “care” showed no significant improvement as a result of the forced drugging and forced so-called “treatment.”

Patients will improve if they are given decent housing and real education and actual health care that they want and need. That’s a no-brainer. Pay for something necessary, like new glasses, pulling out rotten teeth, or replacing broken wheelchairs and supplying hearing aids and replacing their batteries. Dear Kay Kahn, if you really want to help people, go work on something sensible, please. Or I will continue to urge your constituents to vote you out.

Forced care will not make our society better. It is one more step toward genocide.

Doctors should be apologizing: Take this example from techies….

Here’s a post regarding apologies in the tech world that we can all learn from:


Say “I’m sorry.”

Say what went wrong.

Make up for it, such as a refund or coupon.

Take measures to ensure the same thing will not happen again, such as warning your colleagues against similar errors or similar misjudgments.


For instance, if a simple error is made in name misspelling, make your colleagues aware of the possibility of the alternate spelling. Or perhaps alert your fellow office worker to a name such as Dale which cannot be assigned to a particular gender, as well as Mike, lately given to women as well as men.

If you offend an older customer by calling her Mrs and she tells you not to call her that, instead of claiming she’s “oversensitive,” just say you are sorry. Don’t keep calling her that. Tell the person sitting next to you, “Hey, we need to stop doing that to our valued customers!”

If you are a doctor and you screwed up, say so. I don’t care what insurance companies claim about malpractice. Say you are sorry. As a patient who was harmed by doctors in the past I can tell you that a simple apology and honest admission of fault would have saved me a lot of grief.

Typical brainwashee

I struck up a lively conversation with a very nice lady today. She told me she was “laid back”and her husband was type A. Then, she saidv he was extreme, amnd hev had a “disorder,” a so-called chemical imbalance. Oh boy here we go again….So she told me all about the Great Pilln in the Sky that was  The Cure. Of c ourse she was all defensive about it even though i   sauid by all means it is a choice. “I hope you are aware of the risks,” I said.

She responded as follows: “I don’t care if the pill ends his life early. It makes his life better now.”

Tell that to the family of the late Pat Risser, who died two days ago from heart damage caused by psych drugs. 

Did this woman want to be a young widow? Maybe she intends to kill him off and marry someone else. Maybe there’s money in it for her. Or perhaps she needed him silent so she could rule the roost.              

The "Eating Disorders Recovery Symbol" is a symbol for NEDA, an organization, not a concept….

I don’t understand why so many people have fallen for this one. That symbol, which I am not going to reproduce here, is now being used as a “recovery symbol.” For the past five years or so, young people (and some old folks, too) have gone out and gotten themselves tattooed with it.

Do they not realize that they are advertising and promoting a huge profit-monger? Yes, while NEDA claims to be a non-profit, think again! They’re just another sell-out. Look who funds them! This organization is making money off of people who suffer ED. The ED market is getting more and more lucrative as more and more are roped under the ED umbrella, that is, more and more people “qualify” as ED.

At any weight, right? YOU may be next! Did you skip lunch? Poof! You’re in! Jog and extra mile? Poof! After all, places like Remuda Ranch and Rosewood gotta make a buck somehow. It might as well be YOUR kids!

Let’s all advertise these places and support child imprisonment! What a great idea…..