The new RAPE mentality, Sasha Menu Courey story revisited

This is the new world, folks

Boy rapes girl. This is part of life. Now, one of many reactions can occur. We can wish the rape would not have happened but it did. Now ideally, the boy would own up to what he did, directly apologize and not only make restitution but work with the community to educate others to end rape and explain that forcing a person into sex is a very wrong and violent thing to do.

This rarely happens. How often do we see people own up to what they did and apologize? We are being brainwashed that apologizing will get us into legal trouble. Even some workplaces demand that we adopt a new policy that you cannot own up to what you did. You have to blame the victim, that’s the policy, it’s called good business practice even though it isn’t. It’s the new dishonest way of doing business, which is now praised in the new model.

Here’s what generally happens. Boy rapes girl. Boy gets off completely and everyone ignores what happened. No one gives a shit that he is continuing to rape and harm others. The girl doesn’t know what to do but she is advised (are you ready for this one?) to HEAL. Yep, heal.

Now, the new rape mentality demands that taking responsibility means you go to therapy if you are raped. BULLSHIT!!!!!  Yet most people accept this as truth and call it “living in the moment” or “radical acceptance” and other trendy slogans used to protect the rapist. We don’t want to violate HIS human rights, after all. Society rushes to protect him since we cannot tolerate acknowledging we may have blown it and not noticed when the girl first cried out. “Help! I’m being raped!”

Turn the other cheek, let the perp off and give the mental health system the okay to drug you and turn you into a zombie and therapy addict for life. And if you do, you’re praised and told you did the right thing!

Where the hell did that thinking come from? Let’s forget it all happened and now let’s all heal. Such baloney as I have never heard before. Don’t give those mental health professionals one more penny because we’re only perpetuating a lie.

A while back I found this story and blogged on it:

I’ve read some of the other stories, the way the investigation was dropped, and the way it was all blamed on “mental illness” when clearly we’re blaming the wrong thing.

Can’t people see there was no illness? Is it an illness to be raped? NO! Is it an illness to be raped and then, to repeatedly not be heard? Is it an illness if when you are not heard, over and over, and rejected each and every time you try and try to get out of the voiceless rut you are in, repeatedly condemned and kicked out, you finally get pissed.

I don’t think so. By the way, don’t you love that reporter in the ESPN video?  The one statement the voice-over made that I thought was grossly offensive was to state that Sasha “needed treatment” when clearly she needed to be heard! Moodiness in teens is NORMAL and so is erratic behavior. One would expect erratic behavior following a rape. Shouldn’t that have raised eyebrows instead of calling in the MH cops to “treat” her? The mental health department’s ignoring a college student who is raped, no matter whether she files a police report is a crime on the part of the department for failure to act as mandatory reporters, but apparently the college Title whatever laws obscure this and the MH department claims they had to protect her confidentiality. While that was true, they also suppressed the truth and suppressed any wrongdoing on their own part.

Clearly it was discriminatory and not protecting Sasha but protecting Mizzou to kick her off the team and then to kick her out of school. Yes that’s what was done. If you hand someone a form when they are in no position to refuse to sign it that means you are kicking out.

However, this rape mentality is pervasive in all of society. If you are harmed, go to therapy. BULLSHIT!!!!

I was abused in a hospital (actually two) and now it’s my fucking duty to go to therapy. NOPE!!! This is yet one more way to get off the hook, folks. This is one more way to REFUSE TO ACKNOWLEDGE the act was done and to give these folks a ticket to continue to do what they are doing to innocent patients.

Oh, there’s a cure. Therapy! If you are abused in a hospital it’s okay. We’re all supposed to ignore it, refuse to listen and now tell you you have a new illness called PISSED OFF. Your illness is so terrible (i.e. negative energy, bad aura, etc, all trendy words for mental illness) that we refuse to talk to you. We demand that you heal or don’t come back. It’s all the victim’s fault for refusing to heal, certainly not the society that continues to refuse to listen.

I don’t think Sasha had any choice left. Think on that one. Our rape mentality society needs to think good and hard next time it condemns one more victim.


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