Link….Teen held in jail, tortured three years

Here’s the link:

They have held him and he’s only accused, not even convicted. I believe Mary Meale makes a good point that Latino and black men are far more likely to be held like this. I don’t endorse her show in particular since she emphasizes “right to treatment” too much, but this one caught my eye. Personally I think “right to having someone to talk to” is essential. “Right to being labeled” is a road to hell. Therefore, anyone in prison has the right to visits by clergy and any kind and understanding person such as a visitor who CARES. If that includes a mental health professional then fine. I keep wondering if prisoners claim mental illness only so they’ll have a person to talk to. Does that make sense to anyone out there? Would you lie and say you might be depressed just to have an hour a week to talk to a nice kind person for a while?  Or are they well aware that if you say you are depressed you are labeled for life and end up with obligatory appointments after you get out? I think this varies according to location.

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