Let's all dress cool to honor psych survivors

If people think it’s cool to shave their heads and walk around bald because they think they’re doing something for cancer, how about honoring psych survivors by raising “awareness”:

Let’s all dress in oversized trousers (held up by suspenders) in honor of those who gained over 100 pounds on Zyprexa and similar meds.

Let’s all wear adult diapers to honor those who endured Clozaril.

How about huge ten-gallon hats in memory of those who had to take Thorazine and burned to a crisp.

To remember our ECT, let’s wear “goo” in our hair all day long. On one temple for unilateral, on both for those of us who got turned into double basket cases. Do baskets come in cases? I don’t think so. Only in psychiatry!

As for those who died and have left us, we should all carry brooms and march in the streets since the real stories of the dead were swept under the rug by the institutions that killed them.

Is bald beautiful? Probably prettier than the version with Tardive Dyskinesia.

Stop the labeling. Stop forced and coerced drugging. End incarceration.

2 thoughts on “Let's all dress cool to honor psych survivors”

    1. Hope you are doing okay, Pam. I’m sure the day of the Great Psych Survivor Parade your bib, diaper, and suspenders honoring those on pills will be decorated so well no one will even know! Hmmm…Why can’t some rebel in the back room of Big Pharma paint fancy pics on pills of patients in restraints? Little bits of activism on each pill to remind us of how our human rights are nonexistent?

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