Mental Health Act of 2016, please read carefully, including the Anna Westin Act…

I have been following these all along and following what Rep Murphy (“Murphy’s Law”) has been saying about Mental Health. We must be very careful if we choose to call our congresspeople. Which laws do we really support?

More funding for what? If we want more funding, what sorts of care do we want funding for? We must specify, because these laws support increased use of force, and fewer choices, although if you hear the various speeches and propaganda in the media, they’re telling us we’ll all have more choices. This is not true.

For one thing, many will be forced into unwanted “care.” Many will be forced onto drugs and forced to stay on the drugs by way of injections. These injected, long-acting drugs are extremely dangerous. They are so unsafe to use that death rates from their use are extremely high. Death rates from IM short-acting drugs are very high, but the longer-acting “deconate” drugs (these generally stay in one’s system two weeks and are often court-ordered) are much, much higher.

We already know that the antipsychotic drugs are not safe. This is the class of drug that caused our beloved Robin Williams to commit suicide. This is the class of drug they are talking about using forcefully. Not for all of us, but for some. The increase in funding will be used in part to force more people onto the deconate antipsychotics.

While some feel that this is great, many of us are concerned. First of all, the forceful use of these drugs is not only medically unsafe, but the use of force deprives everyone of freedom, not only those who are subject to forced drugging. It puts those who administer the drugs, the hands-on medical people, in an impossible bind: To follow orders while disregarding ethics and morals, or to disobey one’s superiors, risking job loss and loss of nursing license and possibly loss of career.  I cannot imagine how these health care workers feel. I know many quit, or suffer subsequent long term psychological trauma from staying in these positions where conflicts cannot possibly be resolved without putting one’s job on the line.

Forced treatment does not only mean drugging. It also means many more will live with diagnoses than ever before, even those that did not ask nor want mental health treatment. Do we really want everyone in therapy, when therapy cannot possibly be effective unless it is a voluntary choice?

When it comes to the Anna Westin Act, this, too, supports the for-profit residential centers which are now making a killing in the ED industry. Yes, it’s now an industry. They are exaggerating their recovery rates and they are overpriced and their “treatments” are not working. Instead, they are producing entire populations of Revolving Door Syndromes.

Have you been turned into a Revolving Door Syndrome? Say Aye NOW and speak up! Whether you went in and out of a hospital, whether stuck on disability, whether dependent on parents of a spouse, whether on drugs forever, your ED never went away despite their bogus “recovery” promises, you are addicted to painkillers or benzos, you are in a “program” you cannot seem to get out of, tell me… Do we really need more  of the MH System?

I think we need to be picky and choosy when we ask for more. How about more food, more housing, more compassion, more space, more caring, more listening, more education, more freedom, more equality, more opportunity, more inclusion, more enlightenment?

Go look at these Mental Health acts and see which parts YOU support.

Feedback and comments welcome!