UMinnesota shrink: Crime Against Humanity

Here’s the article:

Stephen Olson & Charles Schulz, Minnesota Psychiatrists – Reprimanded after dead patient’s private records posted online

The Markingson case is one I have been following for a long time. It’s about time these criminals got what they are due. This University’s psychiatry department has clearly done enough harms to people. Apparently someone was coerced into a study while on an involuntary hold!

Have you ever been held involuntarily? Even in an ER? Hauled in “as a precaution”? “Just in case”? Or frisked because they thought you might be hiding something? Thrown into a bare room and left there with a security guard because they thought you might be a dangerous murderer….and held you there when all you had was your chemistry textbook…which they leafed through, suspecting you were making a homemade bomb….

but really, you were on your way to a final exam?

Then you know what I am talking about. Ten years later, twenty years later, or now, when you finally are getting the poisonous psych drugs out of your system and you realize you are not “bipolar” after all, maybe you can get a job in a lab somewhere. If they’ll hire you.

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