Sharing…..I love these stories…..

Dirk de Brito, Pasadena psychiatrist, arrested after alleged violent attack on two

I don’t know why I love spreading this stuff around. I keep telling myself someone will benefit. I tell myself that someone else was hurt by this person and was told, “No, you’re crazy, that’s not even possible,” just like I was by my so-called “friends.” I hope that my sharing this stuff is at least affirmative. No, you’re not crazy. No one should call you that. You went to a shrink to get help, not to get abused.

There is a fine line. Why do I say this? Because you are alone with the psychiatrist and you have no witnesses. Anything can happen, good or bad. Whatever happens the shrink can twist around and call a “healing experience.” That can mess up your head for a long time.

I know. It happened to me. You are not alone.

Carry on.

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