I vote home-address-free bathrooms for all, where making a purchase is not required

I vote for increased public outhouses.  Since when do outhouses have gender assignments? Rarely. Increase the funding NOW for more outhouses everywhere. Free ones. Public ones. All different pretty colors of outhouses. For everyone. Ones you can bring your dog into, too, in case you are out with your dog, and no one puts up a fuss. No purchase required. No accusations of “loitering.” in fact, loitering is encouraged, since LOVE is a good thing! Let’s spread more socializing and decrease loneliness! Why not hang out? Some of them will come with Free Phones, so you all can call home, and tell your mom you love her, too.

Need to pee? C’mon down! No more exclusion! Come change diapers here. We love everyone.  First ten customers get lollipops or sno-cones. And they get to pet Puzzle, too.

Feedback and comments welcome!