If you live in the Northeast, you might be breathing a sigh of relief right now.

Penn. psychiatrist Basem Shlewiet must stay in prison 7 to 17 years – failed to convince appeals court to overturn his conviction for molesting seven of his female patients (including one teenager) – Judge says he showed no remorse

BASEM SHLEWIET, Pennsylvania psychiatrist has finally been caught and is doing time for the crimes he committed. You and your loved ones are safe. I am struck by the judge’s observations noted at the end of this article.

Why on earth do people medicate "occasional insomnia"?

Here’s an article to ponder:

I personally do not put much stake in this guy’s experience with OTC sleep aids for insomnia since he wasn’t suffering from significant insomnia to begin with! He was asked to test them but didn’t have insomnia. What kind of sense does that make? That’s like asking someone like me, who is not depressed, to “test” antidepressants. I could very well do that, however, would they “cure” depression I do not have? What point would that prove? Should I “test” antipsychotics for psychosis I don’t have? “Hey, I took Thorazine and now, I don’t hear voices.” Okay, but I didn’t hear voices last week, either.

However, did you read his last couple of paragraphs? Who are these crybabies who are whining over one night of lost sleep once a month? Big deal! Get over it! Yeah, I know you are tired. Grow up! I am tired to the extreme every single day and have to live very differently than a person who holds a 9 to 5 job. That’s because of nightly insomnia that has gone on for five freaking years. Please do not bitch and moan to me about your once-a-month lost sleep. Live with it. You do not need a pill for that. Just be tired for a day. Rejoice in your fatigue. I’ll clue you in on the good news: Tonight, you’ll sleep ten times better than last night. ¬†Especially if you do not get hooked on pills.

Please, spare yourself the pity party over one night of lost sleep. I know, I know, I was once like that, too. I used to bitch and moan and get picky over each and every “symptom.” I am no longer like that. Pickiness is a product of the Mental Health System. We all need to get over it and run away from that mentality. You’re tired. So big deal. Don’t medicate “occasional insomnia.” It makes no sense.

See, by the time you realize you haven’t slept and aren’t going to, it’s too late to take one of those pills! Get real, crybaby. Of course, your therapist that you are paying will let you weep on her shoulder and will coddle you endlessly just to ensure that you keep coming back so she stays employed. Keep buying into that to ensure the System stays functioning, slickly and smoothly killing us off.