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I endorse this campaign and agree with it simply because of my own life observations in and around mental wards as an incarcerated “patient.”

As per my previous post, I do not agree that anyone should be court-ordered to attend AA. Even if a person is an alcoholic by his own admission, AA cannot be forced upon a person. By all means, no one should be forced to attend AA if “we are guessing you are an alcoholic” or, “our testing shows you have alcohol in your blood even though you claim the testing is flawed.”  I truly believe tests can be flawed, and can be faked fairly easily.

I have seen tests screw up. i have seen my own tests screw up. Guess what? Even Puzzle’s tests screwed up, but the vet said she knew they were screwed up, and said they should be done over (no, I didn’t have to pay again). Guess why this happens? Humans do these tests, and humans make errors.

With Puzzle’s tests, it had to do with transporting the samples. I think the vet said many samples coagulated during transport. Sometimes, someone mis-labels samples. That rarely happens nowadays. Samples can get contaminated or end up stored improperly or at the wrong temperature. Or samples can be taken at the wrong time or the patient can receive incorrect collecting instructions (do not eat first, eat first, drink this, take this pill, etc).

Also, tests can be faked. Do you know why I know this? I have seen with my own eyes my own medical records faked. I saw this done right in front of me. I saw numbers deliberately fudged. So if my numbers can be fudged (I had no clue why at the time, but later on I learned), then lab tests can be fudged, too, just to put a person away or avoid a malpractice lawsuit.

Guess how this is done? Do you have a pencil? Follow my instructions very carefully. If it says three, write a four. If it says five, write a seven. Lie and cover up the truth.  If you squeal, don’t expect to keep your job. Now, erase everything I said and polish up your selective memory skills. If you can’t, a few months on the psych ward and zaps with ECT will ensure you do not talk. Ever.

But don’t worry, we got rehab waiting…….

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