Freedom of Religion, Freedom of Choice, Freedom of Thought, Freedom to Assemble Peacefully

Are these freedoms self-evident? If you are human, are you automatically given these freedoms? Should all humans have these freedoms and why do we not have them? Why do some have these freedoms and so many of us do not?

Throughout history, many of our greatest thinkers, or those thought to be such, have warned us, Do not take too much control, or there will be serious trouble.

Among them were Einstein, Rachel Carson, Henry David Thoreau, Jesus Christ, and Moses. As a matter of fact, I learned the following in Hebrew school:

In the Beginning, God created the Heavens and the Earth.

A bit later on, there was a garden commonly called Eden, where Adam lived with his common law wife, Eve. I have no clue how they “heard” this “God” that is written about in the Bible. I myself have never “heard” the “voice of God” and honestly wouldn’t have a clue what that voice sounds like. However, that’s what is stated. That this God spoke to them. In WORDS.

I was baffled when I was told this in Hebrew school. My brother the atheist…Oh, excuse me, Atheist, told me to totally disregard it, that it was all nothing but folklore.

To me, folklore is culture and culture has been passed on for centuries. To me, it’s my heritage and it’s sacred. My Jewish heritage is almost in my blood because it’s my culture. My story and the stories passed on to me from generations passed become who I am today, and that’s sacred to me.  What else do I have?

Don’t eat the apple. Enjoy the garden, but “No pasar” means what it means. You see that sign there? It’s for a reason. Stay out. That is, enjoy the planet but don’t push your limits. Don’t piss off Mother Nature. It’s not nice.

We shouldn’t be trying to control our fellow humans by means of force. To me, that’s pushing it. Throughout history, the use of force has led to trouble. If we get too imposing, we are met with resistance since our actions are seen as offensive or we are seen as infringing on another’s rights.

In many geographical areas, pushing one’s religion on another is seen as negative or imposing. There are laws that restrict this sort of activity. You can’t do it in public schools anymore. Many towns object to a town Christmas tree.  Yet the courts can order a person to go to AA or go to “therapy” both of which impose dogma upon a person. Some people are court-ordered to go to hospitals or rehabs. The principles of AA state that pushiness is not okay: “Attraction rather than promotion.” And much research has shown that therapy and the like are usually ineffective when forced. (I think we didn’t even need studies to “prove” such a thing since it’s common sense.)

The freedom to think as one chooses, to have privacy of thought and not be controlled by a government, a school, an organization, a spouse, an employer, parents, a university, a hospital, a prison, a church, a gang, a shrink, or any other authority is paramount. Our minds and bodies are our last stronghold and the last thing anyone can take from us if they have already taken everything else.

Stand your ground. Do not allow anyone to control what’s inside. You were born the master of your experience. Do not allow others, no matter how many degrees they have nor what their legal titles are, to steal your expertise nor claim they know better than you. You have the right to choose those with whom you keep company, if mutually agreed upon. Aren’t these things plain as day?

Or, perhaps they are. Most just don’t want to admit it.

2 thoughts on “Freedom of Religion, Freedom of Choice, Freedom of Thought, Freedom to Assemble Peacefully”

  1. Hi Julie,
    Here is a comment that relates to your fine pen; “The assertion has just been made by two Popes that the concepts of religious liberty and freedom of speech are nothing less than “insanity”, and that Catholic and civil authorities have the right to restrict and abolish all rights of anyone who is not Catholic. He also considers such principles of liberty as fatal blows to the Catholic faith, that the Catholic faith cannot survive in an atmosphere of freedom, but rather only by resorting to repression and persecution as directed by the Church.”
    It is from;

    1. Anytime a religion, whether “mainstream” or more on the fringe, including those thought of as sects or cults makes claim that it is the One and Only, I find it scary, even if that church does not engage in outright proselytizing. I see exclusion or non-inclusion as akin to proselytizing. “We’re better.” Exclusion could include seeing non-members as inferior, or subhuman. Sometimes, forbidding members to associate outside the group can be a form of exclusion, but often that’s used to isolate as well, facilitating the brainwashing process and prevent leakage of communication in and out.

      Of course, many treatment centers do the exact same thing. “If you aren’t recovering, you aren’t one of us. Don’t talk to anyone still using (or still engaging in “behaviors.”) or anyone “off meds.” They will cause you to relapse.” Of course, it’s buillshit, but they’ll say it.

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