"Exercise addiction" is baloney……..

Humans are supposed to exercise and the human race has become far too sedentary, far too materialistic, and certainly dependency on cars and television and other gadgetry is just insane. We shouldn’t be living our lives indoors like this.

Kids should be running and playing outdoors unless they have a darned good reason not to.

I am completely convinced now that the reason why I suddenly stopped sleeping five years ago was due to the fact that I was forced to stop running. I came from an active family that loved the outdoors and for almost all of my life I was not an “exercise addict.” This terminology is insane shrinkery that is harming lovers of the outdoors and would cause Rachel Carson, Emerson and Thoreau and Annie Dillard to get mighty pissed. Never mind Hemingway.

Psychiatry needs to get lost. Smoky the Bear is Coming Back.

Guess how many times my mom climbed Mount Washington? Oh, maybe 20. At least. I bet my mom was over 80 years old the last time she did it. Mount Washington is over 6,000 feet high and is the highest peak in New England, USA. She kept on skiing and hiking and riding her bicycle (no, not a “stationary bike”) long after she stopped driving a gasoline hog. My mom loved the outdoors and she loved nature.

If anyone calls my mom an addict I will call you an OFFICE ADDICT.  You are addicted to your diagnoses and prognoses and billing policies and appointments and procedures and money.  Go to hell and stay there. I hear they have a great rehab, too.

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    1. Thanks, Pam. I wrote a letter to REI because they are honoring women mountaineers this Mothers’ Day. I wrote them about my mom. I guess they liked my letter because they wrote back thanking me and said they were passing the letter around! Yay Mom!

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