Important news: Therapist who abused Adam Lanza has been arrested for abusing another patient!

Here’s the scoop:

Paul Fox, Sandy Hook School Shooter’s Psychiatrist, Arrested for Sexual Abuse of Another Patient

This is essential to the cause for anyone who has ever been abused in “care.” This is why: Adam Lanza was called a “monster,” he was seen as not even human for what he did at Sandy Hook. Is this even possible? No, he was a kid. He had been abused by a therapist. This is a horrific type of abuse, so horrible that people simple do not want to believe it is even POSSIBLE! Yet this is what happened to him and it got him so, so pissed and so confused that he shot a bunch of children.

I am not justifying what Adam did. I only stating that someone did something awful to him that then drove him off the edge. We must stop this abuse!

After I heard about Sandy Hook, I had one thought in mind: That poor kid. Someone hurt him bad. I heard he was a patient. Then, I knew. You bet I did. I refused to judge no matter how many times I heard what a horrible monster he was. I refused to call him that. I could only cry, thinking of the terrible harm that had been done to him.

I thought of my own rage after I had been harmed. I am grateful that I am not a violent person today. But all that could have happened to me because I was abused by a therapist, too. When you are badly abused in therapy or in a hospital, you end up in an absolute rage. Under some circumstances, you can end up violent. No, you’re not a monster, you simply cannot stop it.

What must be stopped is therapy abuse. We CAN stop therapy abuse. We can stop by speaking out against therapists who abuse.

Abuse WILL beget abuse unless the cycle is stopped. This makes perfect sense. Abusers know they can get away with abusing a person who has already been abused in the past, since a person who was harmed before is less likely to be believed. They do it because they know they can get away with it. Simple logic.

Have you been abused by a therapist? Speak out now! Let’s join forces and stop abusive therapists before they do harm such as what happened to Adam, who was not a monster, but a mere child.

On behalf of the dead, on behalf of the victims, on behalf of those now imprisoned or under court-ordered gag orders, on behalf of those now under threats who cannot speak out, we must do this. Please, summon up the strength to speak out now, for the sake of those who might otherwise make the fatal choice to submit to the slavery of abusive therapy.

2 thoughts on “Important news: Therapist who abused Adam Lanza has been arrested for abusing another patient!”

  1. I cannot get online to read this article but like you I was certain that Adam Lanza was the victim of someone –The hurting hurt others sometimes!!! Right on with this post though I am sure your position in this as mine never made us very popular !!!

    1. Pam, you are so, so right. Any mention that Adam Lanza was a HUMAN being was reason to be suspicious of me or accusatory or see me as a potential threat or potentially dangerous myself! I couldn’t state that any person who had done any of these shootings could possibly be a confused and very frightened child.

      Do you recall the movie Twelve Angry Men? If I recall correctly, at first, one juror made up his mind that the accused might not be guilty of the crime. The assumption was that he was guilty. When the one juror said, “But wait! Maybe he isn’t,” the other jurors became angry and accusatory that he was pointing out inconsistencies, pointing to the holes in the argument, asking them to question, asking them to re-examine their hate and their pre-judging what they had thought to be true. They saw this one juror as a threat to them, a threat to the reality they knew.

      In other words, even though this one juror had not committed a crime, he was now the Bad Guy. For what?

      This was one reason I got off Facebook. I was tired of being called “dangerous” when I was not “dangerous.” In a group I might mention my negative experience with therapy or with a particular pill. Then, someone would say that I was a “danger” since I was challenging the false reality they had clung to, that all therapists were angels that were there to save them. They then accused me of telling people to stop therapy. It was so, so uncanny the way they accused, yet I never told anyone to do that! I had only shared what happened to me, yet the accusations would always come flying at me.

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