What I learned from people who do drugs for recreational use

People who do drugs for recreational use refer to substances as “uppers” and “downers.” Actually, there was more truth to this than I realized, and I should have listened. For decades, I believed there was so, so much rocket science behind the psych meds I was taking, and I believed that street drugs were inferior and “bad for you.”  I saw the psych meds as somehow “okay” and “good for your brain,” and “street drugs” as “dirty chemicals” that “poisoned you.”

Wow, was I wrong.

The only difference between what you get on the street and what you get in the doctor’s office is

1) Financial – where your money is going, and the price
2) Power – who, ultimately, has power over you

Chemically, the drugs are about the same. Not exactly, but roughly.  The prescription is merely a piece of paper and does not make a drug “safer.”

I have personally never purchased drugs on the street. A few times I have smoked marijuana with friends decades ago but I cannot say overall I liked nor disliked it nor do I have much desire to repeat the experience. In college I walked into parties a few times, took one look, and walked out the door! Two days ago my friend asked me (again! sigh…) why I don’t drink booze, and I tried to explain to her that I cannot seem to muster up any interest in drinking and partying.

(What’s with these folks that tell me recreational drugging–or drinking–is the end-all, and keep insisting that there must be something wrong with me if I choose not to participate?)

At any rate, there’s something to be learned from these folks, so I don’t discount them entirely. I enjoy going spying on their forums, particularly athletic men’s forums where they talk about body building. Many of the druggies do crazy things you’d never think of.  They tend to get creative when desperate.  Much is illegal or seriously risky. I have to laugh wading through it all. Or cry.

Here’s a bit I learned, and I believe it’s legitimate. Here’s my personal summary.

All drugs have a half life. All substances have a half-life, or…full life. The food you eat only stays in your system a certain amount of time, and then, is eliminated. Same with a drug.  A substance will peak in your system when you feel the strongest effect, and then, the effect will decline until you no longer feel an effect at all. Isn’t this self-explanatory? Different substances are metabolized at different rates. Some will stay in your system a long, long time, and others leave quickly, and these rates will vary from person to person, from circumstance to circumstance.

A doctor will tell you this. A druggie will tell you the same thing (and will tell you that and tell you to keep that in mind to avoid the drug screening tests).

Here’s more: When you drink your morning coffee, it peaks in your system at a certain time, then, declines over time, right?

When you accomplish something huge, such as graduation, getting published, finishing a large project at work, finishing that novel you have been writing, the end of the semester AT LAST, you feel high, right? You feel terrific. Especially if you just finished something like NaNoWriMo for the first time. Yep, winner’s high.

Then what?

The big letdown. You crash. We all know this happens. It can even happen after the Big Vacation. After the Big Party. Or even after a social occasion when you were supposed to be happy. You come home, you’re alone, and you’re suddenly….

Crash. Yeah, I know. That crash. That bummer after the high.

No, you’re not bipolar. You’re normal.

Drink a cup of coffee and you will experience the same thing. You feel terrific, and then it might let you down with a crash. It may not.  Many “uppers” crash you very badly and are known for that. Druggies that take speed get hooked because the “crash” is so horrific that they go running back to the speed again and again just to avoid crashing. I read that somewhere.

Do you crash?  This is normal human tendency. You are not crazy nor perverted nor sick. You are having a normal reaction and everyone does this. The more you beat yourself up for it, the more you will suffer. You don’t need to! Just enjoy it! It’s part of life!

I personally take advantage of the crash. Ever since I ended up with insomnia, I realized that I could use my natural human crash to put myself to sleep. In fact, this is a great way to get to sleep if you can’t get to sleep any other way. I am not thrill-seeking nor do I go out to parties nor get “high” deliberately. I simply use the natural highs that come to me as I go about my life, which happen to all of us. After we have our high moments, we might crash, so I use these times to get my rare moments of shut-eye.

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