Why are eating disorders more prevalent around the world? The obvious answer you doctor doesn't want you do believe….

Yes, there are more eating disorders in the world. Yet most people don’t understand the REAL reason why. If we put our thinking caps on, we can see clearly why this is happening.

I highly doubt our shrinks want us to have our thinking caps on, actually. They want us uneducated. An uneducated slave won’t run away. An uneducated slave will remain obedient and compliant. An uneducated, unenlightened slave will never question what he’s told. This was the thinking regarding the Negro slaves in the early Colonial days. What happened was the once the slaves became educated, learning to read and write, they managed to network and communicate, and eventually, got free.

Oops. Empowerment means danger to the status quo, gotta be more careful next time or all the slaves will figure out that slavery ain’t so great.

This is what I figure. As far as I know, there was no money in ED prior to 1980. No one wanted to study it nor specialize in it. It wasn’t profitable.

Around 1996, I spoke to an old-timer at McLean who had worked there many years. I asked why a certain “unit” had been torn down and then, designated for a different demographical population of patients.

He told me that treating the prior group of patients was no longer profitable for McLean. So they tore the unit down, and built a new one to serve the other population where they saw an opportunity for profit. Now, he told me, due to new regulations with insurance, there was big money in treating the elderly. This was why they now had a bigger senior unit.

Expect big money in addictions. Huge profits. The rise of the giants. I hear Pharma has taken over AA. Poor Dr. Bob and Wilson (what’s his first name? Can’t recall) would roll over in their graves since this is breaking the Traditions.

And so it has gone with ED. Someone realized, “Hey, these are wealthy families, let’s make a DEAL!” and realized they could get rich.

It’s not that more are getting ED. These institutions WANT YOU. They profit not so much off of making you start off getting sick, but off of KEEPING YOU SICK. If they didn’t temp you to go back, over and over and over, then they’d go broke.

We are their commodity. We make a huge profit for them. They need patients to stay sick. The rise in ED is because someone is getting rich. Someone is extremely happy because they have a pool of customers that is guaranteed to KEEP COMING BACK. Isn’t that what every great business dreams of?

Yes, they’ll turn people down. Every great business is picky and choosy, too.

Fight back. Don’t be a slave, nor a commodity. You might even get better!

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