Revenge of All Those Who Have Ever Been Called "A Nuisance"

Have you ever been seen as “a nuisance”? Well, now’s the time. Who else is there out there? Now’s the time For Us. Who is there? We know all about you. Come out, come out, wherever you are! Come down from those attics where you were locked away for years by Mr. (gosh, I can’t even remember his name now)….Jane Eyre’s dude. Wasn’t she oh so much in love with him! Rothing…..No. Rochester. Mr. Rochester. Now his wife…..Nameless, faceless. But we’re coming for you now. That “wretch,” that “inhuman monster” who dared to burn the house down.

Hell, what choice did she have? I ask anyone out there. Locked up for years. Imprisoned. Bertha. A woman he stole from an island, a woman he had no right to sweep up and capture like that.

We nuisances are coming back, and we are hitting dudes like Rochester good and hard.

Are you considered nothing but a “drain on society”? Fight back. Are you considered a “waste of taxpayer money”? Fight back. Whenever you go get medical care, are you told “other patients are more worthy than you are”? Yep, you’re one of us. Fight back. Are you told that because you are an artist, a dancer, a musician, a sculptor, a writer, and you don’t generate enough income, you are a waste and a nuisance to other people? Fight back. How dare others judge your worthiness as if they are gods. Have you ever been told you are not worthy enough to join a club, a church, a political group, a dating club, or kicked out of anything due to “mental instability” or “maybe you’ll get violent”? Fight back against bigotry NOW.

We plan to embarrass. Our words should suffice, but not much more needs to be said, and those that have claimed we are a nuisance have already done their nasty deeds. Our honesty, and their dishonesty, should reveal enough. The proof is already there, and no more needs to be done. There is no need for a battle. We have already won in so many ways, through our persistence and resilience.

Mr Rochester sure will be embarrassed. You don’t do that, you don’t lock up your wife without serious consequences.

Are you among the nuisances? Ah, so am I. Rest assured, we will overcome, not someday, but now.

2 thoughts on “Revenge of All Those Who Have Ever Been Called "A Nuisance"”

  1. I was kicked out of college for being a “nuisance.” Actually they couldn’t deal with the seizures I was having–they claimed if I took my meds properly I wouldn’t have seizures. Haven’t had the seizures since I went off Haldol and Stellazine.

    1. Why am I not surprised? You are the third person I have heard say they had seizures from those pills. I was diagnosed with “possible TLE,” and no one even took into account the pills. Then, after many years, another doc said “No way” did I have any TLE, and that any unusual activity I’d had before was for sure from the pills I’d been on years before, the older anti-p’s as you describe, such as Haldol. But…hindsight is 20-20, is it not?

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