Please sign petition, wrongful death sentence…

Although I get tired of the petitions (don’t you?) here’s one I am passing along:

Maybe there should be an app for this, just like there’s an app for “auto-wishing your friends happy birthday.” Now how cool is that? Never miss a birthday again! Never miss a petition again! Auto-vote! Yes, the petitions are now getting to be too much, too.

However, what’s happening is that wicked essential ones like this one (please help this person is going to be die before our eyes due to racial profiling, framing, mistaken identity, no one caring, and people turning a blind eye)…..And other petitions such as, “I want to wear pants instead of a dress to school….” All these are being thrown together in the mixing bowl. So now, we’re so bombarded with petitions that the most powerful ones lose their impact. We’ve numbed ourselves to them out of necessity.

But who am I to say, “This one out of the mixing bowl is vital and this is not”? I’m not God. I am not the one to determine such things, nor are you. Nor am I the one to say, “This person’s funeral is worth stopping an entire town’s traffic for and diverting public transit all day long, and this other one you won’t even notice since that person was not worthy.”


For whatever reason, it breaks my heart when I see folks taking it upon themselves to play God, deciding human worthiness, separating the fat from the gristle. I think human beings do a poor job of it, and we have had a rather poor track record now for centuries, have we not?

Isn’t the saying true that justice is blind? Maybe the idea of a jury of twelve is better than one judge. Undoubtedly. Yet most decisions are not done by jury at all. Most don’t even make it that far, and much of the drama has already been pre-determined before the curtains rise for Act One when the curtains rise over the courtroom.

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