Authors of article in scholarly journal, Eating Disorders, attempts to "rate" blogs according to "quality," say what?

I found a summary online of this article a while back. I am unable to find the summary now, although I recall bookmarking it. Here’s the article, though I cannot access the journal Eating Disorders, as it’s not publicly available:

Guardiola-Wanden-Berghe, R., Sanz-Valero, J., & Wanden-Berghe, C. (03/01/2010). Eating disorders: Eating disorders blogs: Testing the quality of information on the internet Brunner/Mazel Publishers. doi:10.1080/

Of course, even though we have the First Amendment, god forbid ordinary people have access to scholarly research. We’re not professionals and couldn’t possibly be at all competent and knowledgeable about our own bodies, could we? Let’s have “professionals” do all the deciding for us. We should never read such complex stuff, it’s TRIGGERING!!! So they tell us to keep us blindfolded, unenlightened, and enslaved. Oh, and to ensure we keep showing up for appointments.

Anyway, I do recall the summary. Listen, were these “researchers” also writers and bloggers? Well, what did they know about types of blogs. They summarized by saying that the only accurate blogs out there were written by institutions and authored by those who were institutions’ authors.

Okay, so you learn about a drug by going to the drug company’s website…NOT!! Oh no, you don’t! Go ask your buddies who took it and found out the hard way! Ask your neighbor who had to take it for ten years and can’t walk anymore or who is on a respirator or who is divorced or who nearly died last year or who is on dialysis. The drug company is out to make a buck.

If you want the real story about eating disorders, ask a sufferer. I highly doubt you’ll get it from an institution. You WILL get statistics. You WILL get inaccurate reports of that institution’s recovery rates. Why? They are out to make a buck, legal or not.

You’ll get the story in real time. So you won’t get the “entire picture.” You never get the entire picture no matter what anyway. That’s not possible. You can’t. Don’t expect it. A blog is not supposed to do that.  Blogs, like memoir, give you a slice of life. Only that. We don’t live our whole lives online. Okay, some you have to pry off the screen, but no one is 100% virtual.

You won’t get perfection from any blog no matter where you go. It’s not possible because machines are made by humans. Even the best journalists admit this. In fact, the greatest journal editors will tell you they have made many errors in their lives. Why? They;re human.

I don’t see how blogs can be “tested” for quality. How does that make sense? Quality is not quantitative, so how can it be tested? Did anyone “test” the Mona Lisa and did it get a ten?

Dear Mona, can you tell me how you are feeling today on a scale of one to ten? Oh, I see you have no eyebrows. You’ve plucked them? Okay, here’s your script! No wonder she has that drugged, spaced-out look. As a matter of fact, she seems kinda stiff to me. We need to add Cogentin to her cocktail, eh? What’s this with the selective mutism? If she refuses to open her mouth we’ll have to intubate.

Note: see, I”m doing it, too. Talking about the patient right in front of her if she can’t hear. In third person. Don’t you hate it when they do that?

Never mind. Only a professional knows, right? We patients don’t know anything about ED even though we have lived with ED every day. Just give up your freedom, let someone with a bunch of degrees run your life.

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