Hair cut

Puzzle is scheduled to get her hair cut soon. I have put this off long enough. She cannot sport the hippie look too long. I don’t like it, actually. I don’t think she does, either. I had to let it grow out for a while, since having it short but nonexistent wasn’t going to work too well. I figured if she had no hair, long and bald would be better than short and bald. If that makes any sense….

Now, most of it has grown back. She’s got a thick head of…Oh no, that sounds thick-headed. So, shall I say she’s got a full head of hair? But that’s not right, she has a whole body’s worth. Will this translate to doggy? If I ever had to do a Spanish version, I”d be screwed. But I can’t go too far with that, either. That’s tornillo in Spanish. Screw. Or screwdriver. I can’t recall which.    Doesn’t that sound like tortilla? Or tortuga? Did you know a tortuga is a turtle, but it’s also a food here? It’s sort of a sandwich. A pocket-style one, as you may have guessed. I don’t think I’d ever eat a turtle, but in some cultures, they do!

Speaking of retreating into one’s shell, Puzzle is hiding out in her airline carrier. I think she lives in that thing. You can imagine what it smells like. Um…..Okay, it’s really time to gross you out with further news, coming up….After the haircut maybe. Then you will have the opportunity to hate me more. See you later.

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