Done with the Oven

As I said, I blew off my old landlord, saying I had a Western Union coming in on Wednesday. Wednesday de tarde, meaning evening. So I have worked like mad getting moved. Much of my work has been done at night when everyone was asleep. All was on foot.

Last night I worked like mad again. Today I went back. There was the landlord, cutting the grass. I walked past, waving and smiling nice and sweet. Once inside, I knew this was my last trip. Do or die. Sink or swim.  That’s the way life is supposed to be.

Once inside, I knew I could only grab essentials. The rest would get sacrificed. I had my note all written up. I taped it up onto a door inside:


My Spanish isn’t perfect but I did my best.

While I was stuffing the last few things into bags, I heard that lawnmower. The guy now had me cornered. He was mowing right outside the door!

Yard work? That would be nice. There’s no grass outside my door.No, he wasn’t nicely tending to the property for the comfort of his tenants. His intent was to confront me with my door open. His intent was to bully me and terrorize me. I listened and waited. I guess he gave up after a while.

I had two bags and my last item, my trike. My neighbor’s loud TV continued to blast away. I will never have to hear that again.

It looked like an ordinary day. In fact, that’s just what it was. An ordinary ride into town.

I came straight here.  Puzzle and I are safe. My days of living in an Oven are over.

Hey, God, come back another day!

If God wants to take me, he or she will have to settle for a rain check. I ain’t for the taking.  Another day, perhaps, not today. Today I live. I am so, so busy with much work to do here. I cannot take time out for dying. Or almost dying. That, my friends, is an expensive undertaking, and for far too many people, addicting. If you want to waste your life on that, go ahead but you’ll notice it’s not profitable and highly inefficient. You end up turning around, looking back, and wishing you hadn’t devoted so much of your life to snuffing it all out early.

More Trouble but I am ALIVE. How About You?

Yesterday I paid my rent at the new place.  I blew off my old landlord last night, telling him I was receiving a Western Union on Wednesday.  I figure by then I will be out of there. So I am hand carrying everything. Yes, it’s exhausting. However, I will be finished very soon. I need to do this quietly and sometimes I walk through the field to avoid being seen and questioned. I move larger pieces at night after dark when most are asleep. My neighbor’s loud TV works to my advantage since I can be assured she certainly hears nothing else (if she can still hear).

So here is my new problem.  My new landlords told me they would cover electric and water. My water is shut off as of 9am today.

It occurs to me that maybe they don’t even own this place. Maybe they are squatters.  I am alive, though. Are you?

I'm here for enero, almost all moved

Meanwhile, despite calamities, I’m hanging in there just fine. Yesterday I discovered my phone company decided I didn’t need a data plan anymore. Oh well. Today they realized I’m not a robot after all (I guess they figured out I’m not on meds nor in therapy, so….) so here I am back with data as I always was. This is a relief since I use the phone as a hotspot. For now.  I had crap for Internet for a few days till I worked the kinks out but now I’m back in business. The new owners don’t want me to install home internet here. I’m okay going without for a month. I hope to buy a “bargain” stick in Montevideo if I can. If these really work.

A few of you asked about my homemade AC. No, it didn’t work at all. In fact, opening the window cooled my place faster than the ice-and-fan trick. The place was just plain impossible to cool. The walls were warm from the sun, which was why the place stayed hot for hours after sundown.

You know, it’s not nice to fool a foreigner. It’s not nice to fool someone just because you can get away with it. I can think of a time that was done, years ago, not long before I was born, though. A dude named Hitler and his pals did the same thing. He baked a whole bunch of people and fooled many into thinking it was perfectly fine to do so. Want some baked foreigner and baked perrita? Hey, just lie and say it’s a cute little casita! Pay rent and it’s yours.

Why do such things happen?  I can tell you. Because the wool was there. The wool that can so easily get pulled over everyone’s eyes. Why did the old man climb the mountain? You asked. Because the mountain was there, according to the bedtime story my dad told me nearly every night when I was a kid.  Why do people get eating disorders? Because they are there.

Yes, it’s that simple. You didn’t think so, did you? What did you expect me to say? Some baloney about control or perfectionism? You alls know me better than that.  I don’t do psychobabble. Shrinks do that. I tell it like it is and drive everyone nuts.

Celebrate No More Oven

I will need to make more trips but hopefully all will be out of the Oven by the end of tomorrow. Don’t you think we baked so long that maybe we’re overcooked? Or just well done? Puzzle is so happy! She loves it here. She’s much calmer now that she doesn’t have to hear screaming kids all day long. I brought over her airline carrier (the soft one) and this is her favorite hideaway.  She also enjoyed sliding under the bed.

I had trouble trying to connect to the internet all day today. Now it all seems to be working fine. I had to take out some conflicting “apps” from my phone and now it’s all working much better. The connection is slow, though, but this is temporary. I may stay January and Feb both, but we’ll see.

There are leaks here but nothing major. I guess all places her leak. I don’t know what winter is like here. We’ll see. It may be to my advantage to stay put.

Good morning, new place

I LOVE my new place! Wow, I am no longer living in an oven!

First of all, let me clarify. Home air conditioning is rarely needed in Uruguay. Most homes are built using a bit of common sense. The Oven, as I now call it, wasn’t. Our climate is mild, not blazing hot as myth will tell you. I have personally never seen temperature over 93 Fahrenheit here. There was something seriously wrong with that house, and in my opinion, NO ONE CAN LIVE THERE!

Drastic changes would need to be made to make it habitable. The home itself doesn’t breathe well enough. It is made of cheap building materials. For this reason, the whole place turned into a swamp in winter after a cloudy day or two. Three cloudy days meant misery for me. In winter, the home depended on sunlight to dry it out. In summer, that same sunlight that made the place bearable in winter made it a blazing oven from around noon until midnight every single day. What this meant was that the indoors temperature was 20 degrees F higher than outdoors temperatures.

A homemade air conditioner won’t work here with ordinary ice. These homemade AC units, though they are a nice idea, will only work in places such as Arizona or New Mexico. Here, since our humidity is high, the only type of ice that will work is dry ice. I’ll bet I could purchase it, but this would make a homemade air conditioner expensive and impractical to run.

Someone asked about a “health problem.” Again, allow me to clarify. The cause had nothing to do with my own issues with my health.  The problem was a “living situation problem.” No one can live there, I don’t care how healthy you are. Try living in 100 degree or worse temps for hours on end. 

The problem is now solved. I gave up trying to make The Oven work and have relocated.

I have a few concerns here. One is that the front entrance is too “public.”  The building is set away from the road providing privacy, however it’s very difficult for me to enter and exit the front gate without curious bystanders peering at me. The road can be rather populated with such folks. I’m mostly concerned about pedestrians since pedestrians notice things and do far too much spying into other people’s business.  This is a very small town where I am known as “foreigner.”  So the foreigner moved. Trust me, word gets out. When I lived in Centro I felt like my whole life was open to passerby inspection.

Now granted, I am leaving my other place saying nothing to anyone. It’s tough doing this. I’ve made so many trips back and forth now that someone might say something. I’ve got my lie worked out to distract anyone who might suspect I’m moving out.  I was advised not to give my old landlord another penny!  And I won’t! When he figures out I have moved, he’ll most likely go in there and find a sign tacked on the wall in Spanish, “No one can live here.” And maybe add, “Shame on you for ripping off your tenants.” Or some such thing.

I highly doubt I’ll hear from him. He knew all along the place wasn’t habitable. Of course he did! He was stupid enough to build it that way!

As for the new place, it has a minor pipe leak and also the fridge leaks, but so far the place is fine otherwise. I have an entire building to myself. No neighbors share with me. The whole yard is mine. No screaming kids, no fighting adults (so far). I have had trouble with phone reception, but today I am not having those problems. Yesterday was a pain that way. I went out and bought some food and cleaning supplies and am doing my laundry, too.

Most important, Puzzle LOVES it here! I cannot believe the change in her. She’s a new dog. I promised her we’d move and I’ve stuck to that promise.

I will be here this month and maybe next month as well. I will decide in the next few days.

New Place

Hi you guys, I am posting privately for reasons that you will understand in a second. Yes, I have a new place.  I was advised not to pay my previous landlord (the one who owns the oven) another penny. I see this as sound advice. I am quietly walking out. I hope to finish the entire move by tomorrow. He won’t come by for his money till Monday I expect. I am trying to disable Facebook but the account page won’t load right now. I want to also disable other social media and if possible keep him from knowing my location. However,  I will be leaving a note saying No One Can Live Here (in Spanish). Of course he rented to me with full knowledge of all the disasters lurking there.  I regret leaving my blankets there which serve as curtains. But removing them makes it obvious.

About the new place. It’s called an apartment but I share the building with only a shed. Private? Yes! I have neighbors but we don’t share a yard. No fog inside here nor grossness. The only water problem so far seems to be water stuck in the floor cracks. For years now I have had to put up with places I can only describe as In Your Face. In other words,  no matter what I did, there was this constant sense that people outside saw inside as soon as I opened my door. Either shared entrance, shared yard, or open hallway prevented me from the security of knowing I would not be subject to nosiness. I know I need to be careful coming in and out the front gate. It’s too public. I might look for a back gate and see if I can use that for better privacy. Puzzle is Soooooo happy!  I promise her she won’t have to go back to the oven. She loves her new home.

Highly Sensitive People: Another psych label to watch out for

Here is the link

10 Life-Changing Tips for Highly Sensitive People

Here is the comment I added:

Do you realize what you are saying here? HSP is just another psychiatric diagnosis. While it may not be in the psych bible, the hate book called the DSM, it’s a pop psychology label no less harmful than “bipolar” and the like. While this article may be enlightening to some, I know that taking on a psych label and embracing it as one’s own will do serious harm to most people who do so.

While yes it feels good at first to know you are not alone, look closely at the wording of this article. On one hand it reiterates the cliche we’ve been hearing lately, “You are not broken.” I’m sure this was affirming to hear.

On the other hand I have witnessed so many times (and saw it in myself) that taking on a psych label “others” those it labels. It separates. The article states there’s a select group of people that are different. This is incorrect. All humans are different from each other and to claim one group as “special” actually hqrms not only that group but us all.

I was saddened to see a friend of mine embrace the HSP label. I tried to explain to her that it’s a harmful label like any other and to please be careful. I am not surprised at what resulted. She became Miss Sensitivity even worse. She struggles more now with relationships and employment. Not only that, but others pump her up and validate her. “Yes, that happened because you are sensitive.” You might as well be sitting in a psychiatrist’s office and hear him say, “It is good to see you identifying symptoms of your disorder.” The label is now negatively affecting my friend in all areas of life.

If a specific sensitivity bothers you, live with it or change it. Real sensitivities, such as strong dislike for touching metal can indeed be reprocessed. This is done by exercises, not harmful drugs or surgery. You could probably find these online or work with someone who teaches them.

Every person has sensitivities. I myself have a strong aversion to the sound of loud television, radio, and most music that comes out of a speaker. Other than that I am rather proud that I have grown some skin.

If you can’t tolerate something, change it, move away frim it, or sit and suffer. It is no less than tragedy that for some, the label caused them to walk around “hurting” and acting like spoiled children. You choose.