News Alert: Massachusetts Bans Handheld Big Macs while Driving

Really? No, they didn’t. They banned cellular telephones. You can eat a Big Mac, or stuff your face with Entenmann’s and die in a crash and no one is going to care. You will die and be buried and no one will ever know you had an eating disorder because eating disorders, apparently, don’t matter. Still.

Believe it or not, I used to think that stuff all the time. I thought, “I’ll die of my eating disorder and no one will ever know nor care. They’ll assume it was something else. Because they never listened.”

I am sitting here asking myself, “How many young people out there are wondering the same thing right now?” How many are wondering why they aren’t being listened to? How many decades will they have to wait before someone even notices? Guess how long I waited (yes I did tell them)? Thirty years!

We need to start listening before that car crash happens. Before one more person dies. Before one more person gives up hope. I’m not talking about more insurance coverage for the bogus “treatment” that’s out there. We do not need more human rights abuses nor more torture.  I’m talking about offering treatment free of force and coercion. Free of deception, free of lies and half-truths they claim are “for your own good.”  We need treatment that really works, and works the first time. No more revolving doors.

I’d design something myself, but listen: I’m 58 now. I have no money and I’m only me. If I had more money and more people to help out, then yes, I’d get something started up. Instead, I’m coming out with my book, which I hope helps many people make the decision not to waste a penny on something that very well could wreck their lives and tear their family apart.  I will demonstrate, one by one, the myths these programs and therapists taught me, and they are continuing to disseminate these myths and keep people sick. All lies.  There are no reasons to believe them anymore, since these lies hold us back from being the people we truly are. Ditch the lies and you just might get better.

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