A couple of tech dudes in a telefono celular shop on the omnibus line

I got my connection back. Roughly a week ago my phone died, I guess for good, though I sort of revived it to send off a swan song last night at around 3am. Bye bye XT9o7. You were nice and slick. Hello pretty white gizmo. I’m back.

It was all such an ordeal, one I don’t want to repeat. Don’t get caught like that. Don’t get unlucky. Don’t have everything go wrong all at once.  And if it does, laugh. You bet I am having a good chuckle right now.

That’s about what I told the two tech dudes as I left. I thanked them for setting up this device for me, and they even got the paperwork done, too. All I had to do was to come home, finish charging it, and connect. Here I am. Back to haunt you.

2 thoughts on “A couple of tech dudes in a telefono celular shop on the omnibus line”

  1. Glad to hear you’re back on line, Julie! Internetless existence can make a person feel like a total nobody.
    Is this Omnibus line you speak of a trolley, a subway or something else? How does mass transit in Montevideo compare to Boston’s?

    1. The omnibus is the “bus.” I’m told it’s okay to say “bus” for short. We have all buses here, but a long time ago, there were train lines, too. These aren’t running anymore. I live well outside of Montevideo. Honestly, I cannot imagine living there They say there are “quiet” sections, but quiet by whose standards? Almost the entire population of the country lives there in the city. As for transit, it’s all over the country, though the buses run less frequently in more rural areas. Let’s put it this way: car-dependent people will tell you you need a car here. They’ll say that about Mars, where you cannot even run a car, for godsakes. Car-free people will tell you the public transit here is the best in the world. You save a bundle not owning one. What a nuisance.

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