Trying to get by on “free wifi” is not working out at all. Today I went over there early and the signal was functioning fine. I came back home around lunchtime. At home, I worked on the ECT document offline. I ate and cleaned house. Then, I decided maybe I needed to charge up my devices while tending to a few more last-minute chores before heading out to a conference call on the upcoming FDA ruling on the ECT device. The decision to downgrade the safety level is our main concern. We feel this should not be done. We are focusing on the arbitrariness of the use of ECT, that is, the decision that a person’s depression (or bipolar depression) is so “severe” and the need to treat quickly is so urgent that the only option is ECT. As I see it, and as most see it, these are not only vague, impossible to determine, and also, I personally believe that both are not dependent on the what’s intrinsic to the individual but to the financial needs of the institution.

So I worked on that a while. I had a power outage just before going back to free wifi. I got there well in time to connect. Then, once I tried to connect, I found I simply couldn’t. The signal was too weak. In fact, it died on me entirely and I had to leave.

In the midst of all that, another person insulted me on Facebook again. The only reason I logged in was to get the call-in information for the conference call. And there was her rotten remark which was based on a few posts of mine she’d seen. Honestly, people who don’t know me should not be judges of my character based on a few posts. I don’t respect that nor do I judge other people’s character that way, nor leave them demeaning remarks like that. I simply don’t. I cannot waste my time putting other people down. Life it too short to waste time like that. And frankly I don’t need to waste brain space worrying about it, but truthfully, I don’t like seeing stuff like that. I find it unpleasant. Just like music played way too loudly. I can do without it. You know, you hear that, you walk away and don’t have to put up with it. If you’re at a bar and it gets too loud, leave. I was in a store the other day and saw some nice stuff, but no way was I going to stay there since the musica was too loud. I thought it was a bad sales decision, but perhaps others don’t mind.

If I can walk away from such nasty Facebook remarks, I do. I think I have figured out how to make sure future posts are not seen by this person. Yes, you can do that. This will ensure no more nasty remarks from her. This wasn’t the first time I have heard this, and I don’t want to be her friend anymore, not that I ever was.

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