No, I'm not suffering, are you?

If anyone assumes I am “suffering from angry feelings,” you assume wrong. Much of the time, I have a good time these days. I laugh a lot. I make many little mistakes during the day such as putting things in the wrong place. I enjoy laughing over such things, enjoying myself, since I then can correct my silliness and put things back right.

Sure, I’m pissed. But I’m having fun. I don’t particularly mind being pissed and I’m not tormented over it. I’m not suffering at all. I’m not depressed and I’m not full of angst. I enjoy my feelings. I enjoy negative and positive feelings. I appreciate them and find them beautiful. I find much of my anger justified anyway. I never feel pissed off out of the blue. Why would I? Pissed at Puzzle? Why? She’s only 7kg or so, how can I be pissed at her? Pissed at God? Of course! We don’t know who God is, just let me be as pissed as Job was at whoever the hell that entity is. I’m having a good time, and besides, being pissed at God makes a great joke.

I love talking to God. Hey God, come and get me! Come clobber me! Think up something original next time! You blew it last time!

Did I tell you  guys I was hit by a drunk driver the other day? Yep, I was. I will save that one for another entry. I wonder if the drunk even remembers. Maybe in 30 years he’ll walk into an Alcoholicos Anonimos (I think that’s the spelling) and say, “I was so drunk I thought I hit a lady but I wasn’t sure.” The whole room will laugh and laugh and drink free mate. I can’t imagine free coffee will bring in many drunks round here, do you?

2 thoughts on “No, I'm not suffering, are you?”

  1. Julie, I enjoy being pissed off, too. Sometimes it’s great motivation.
    Anyway, I’m just getting caught up on your blog posts. I hope your housing situation gets straightened out.

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