Temp outside 81. Indooors over 100

You have not felt well for weeks now. Only are you supposed to say so?

You say so, people accuse, accuse, accuse. They claim you have personality disorder. Yet you speak the truth. What more to say? Lie?  You get accused if you say nothing, too. More blame. If you die, you asked for it. You can do nothing right. You are only trying to stay alive.

You forget stuff. Your mind doesn’t work right. It needs water. You can only stay alive. You will make mistakes. Petty stuff. You will live. Others will have to forgive. If they cannot wrap their heads around this, if they cannot, for even an instant get an understanding then maybe God will forgive them. They simply do not know what they are doing


Folks are offended. Oh dear. Costumes of anorexic skinnies aren’t okay . In honor of being inappropriate,  I will dress as a fat liberation person. Hola, estoy aqui. So no, to do this I don’t plan to take Zyprexa for a month. Instead, I will find a hoop  or wire to put in a skirt. This way, I will make a wide shadow for Puzzle to hide in. She can then be out of the sun. Maybe the fat lib people have a point after all. Happy Halloween. We get to deliberately offend only once a year.


You alls know how holiday season is. Things happen at the pace of mariscos. I believe these are snails but I cannot recall. I left mi sombrero en mi casa. However, I ran in just now, spent a minute looking, found neither. Not in three minutes. How long would it take someone driving past to snatch my luggage? Thirty seconds. I can buy a new hat. I have yet to hear from the taxi. Forty five minutes late. Not even a callback. Odd. I try again…..not sure what more I can do.

On the Road

I am lucky. I was able to get anything worth stealing to mis amigos yesterday. But I am so tired. Stores are too busy. I can’t fight these crowds nor join them so best save what little energy remains in me. Saving my life is priority. Packing should have taken priority over worrying over other people’s concerns which were petty compared to a life, any life, even mine, which would be lost should I lose track of my goal: LEAVE. I am off. See you.