Plan G Home made air conditioner you can make at home yourself

I went to see the place where I had met that friendly guy yesterday. However, he wasn’t there. I figured I’d pick up a thing or two at the store and then, return. I don’t often go to Tienda Inglesa, however, that’s where I ended up. Inside the store, I saw a fan that I thought might work as a part for a homemade air conditioner.  Thanks to a blog reader I thought I’d take a peek over at various ideas on You-Tube.

Here’s my initial AC, a large one intended to be placed in the center of a small room:


You can see a bit of Puzzle in this pic. I have a happy dog now!


I wonder how soon she’ll start to snore. Wow, I thought by not having a human bedpartner, I was avoiding the buzz saw effect. Guess not. Don’t worry, I like it!

I have modified the AC a bit. I think three bags of ice would have been better. Tomorrow I will buy more so it will be more full. When I am all done perfecting this, I will let you know what works best. For sure, it’s far more bearable in here now.


I want to cut the foam, but also I want to see what works best before I do so. It is “cool” having it blow right on me now. I hope the AC will also sometimes double as a place I can store things like meat and cheese so long as it’s well-wrapped. I need to raise the ice level for sure. I wonder if adding more “floor” to the bottom insulation will do the trick.

As for the temp, after a few minutes it was noticeably cooler. Now, it’s down to 90 in the room, so much nicer and easier to deal with, and I expect it’ll be in the 80’s before long.


Feedback and comments welcome!