Plan F

Today, I am considering Plan F. There are three or four parts to this:

  1. Aquilo temporidado nearby as officina, that is, place for writer to escape to, for only during January and part of February. I am looking at a place today. See, my thought was that I could shuttle back and forth, since it’s very close by but not within view of here, and sleep there when it’s too hot here. I have met the owner. His Spanish is so clear and easy to understand. (I have a soft spot, too. Know what? He reminds me so much of my mother. Don’t tell anyone, okay? You cannot explain to a man that he is like your mom. No, not in appearance, but his gestures, his enthusiasm, his zest for life, and somewhat animated tone. My mom was a dancer, you see.) Of course, he’s also selling something, but still, when I have asked people in the past about year-long rentals I get these indifferent looks or even suspicion. (“What? You’re a foreigner! Let me see how much I can jack up the price for you. Estadosundiense, eh? That’ll be……). His price is very  very high since it’s meant for tourists, but I think I can talk him down. I wouldn’t even bother since the outside is a wreck, but I really want to see the inside of this place. I suspect it is lovely. And yes, there are trees around the house, and no niños, never seen them, and maybe he is the only one in the house if I am lucky. Some quiet guy who hates noise as much as I do. I want an audiologist! Or a jeweler or classical lute player.  I have never heard blasting music nor loud TV from that house. I hope he’s allergic to TV. We’ll see. If there are kiddies, forget it. The nearest houses are not close by.  This is a very convenient location (but yucky street) and he loves the idea of perrita.  The yard is fenced in.  If I am lucky he works all day. I will look closely at the laundry hanging and see if there are kiddie things and/or dama things, and of course, ask who else lives there. And no quimicos para rattas, eh?
  2. Instead of temporary second place, actually move there.  This is another possibility. This would be cheaper than having two places. This means breaking the lease, which I must do with caution. To lose security deposit would be the trade-off.
  3. Go to a doctor appointment and get a doctor note stating I cannot live there and the place is making me very sick. Let’s put it this way: Now, the policio in x town saw the condition I was in and they were on my side, as were the Army guys, 100%. Also, a while back I emailed departmento policio. Yes, the story’s out now, and not only that, the townspeople of x town were on my side!  It won’t take much convincing a doctor and anyone can see I’m not exaggerating. You can see this, visibly, clear signs of dehydration and exposure to too much heat. This morning I was only able to cool this place to a luxurious 86.  The concrete walls exposed to sun stay warm for hours past sundown.  Puzzle, too, is suffering terribly here. When I take her out, upon our return she refuses to walk from the street into the yard even. I have to coax her. This breaks my heart. She is telling me something, eh? I wish a vet note could count as well!  This will easily get me out of the lease I think and I’m likely to get my security deposit back.

I refuse to run any of my plans by auto-naysayers or people who continue to act like know-it-alls who have never even set foot in Uruguay. I will say nothing to the overly-critical, since in their eyes, I am stupid no matter what. What good is it to speak to such people? I’ll only get further  demeaning commentary and blame from the ignorant out there yet one more time. (All this following a horrific argument with my sister-in-law yesterday. I’ll get to that in a bit. I have finally figured out how to write about it all, and sorted through what was said.)

So…I know this: If you cannot put yourself in another’s shoes, please do not seek fault in another nor blame. Instead, try some understanding and compassion. The whole world needs more of that, don’t you think?

PS: this might in fact be Plan G. I’ve lost track of my letters. Anyone seen lost alphabet letters en inglés lately? Send ’em my way.

Feedback and comments welcome!