First coffee in god-knows-how-long


Today I am so, so happy to have morning coffee! Today is the day to rejoice! Today is the day to appreciate what we have, and to try not to bemoan what we do not have. (Yes I am guilty of that quite often as are all of us.)

I have no qualms with the fact that the filter had a hole in it. Yes, this was a Melitta filter even! I have no clue how that gaping hole ended up in my filter.

Mud in coffee? ¡No problemo! I poured out my coffee into a container with a spout (please remember to do this) and then, poured what remained right through another filter.

No filter cone or coffee machine? ¡No problemo! I couldn’t find my old plastic cone this morning, which is maybe 25 years old and has served me well. I do have it around somewhere but all this unpacking has gotten things shifted around. I didn’t want to waste a half hour searching. So I grabbed the nearest suitable substitute: A similar-sized funnel.

Filter fold-over? ¡No problemo! Ever hear of paper clips?

I’m celebrating not only coffee, but my new water boiling pot. My old one fizzled out on me the day I left here, the 23rd. I use this to do laundry and any time I absolutely need hot water. I figure using gas is most likely not as economical since using tons of gas not only heats up this place but will mean needing a refill much sooner.  These pots are standard fare here and in Europe where the current is 220-240. They come to a boil fast and tend to be inexpensive. In USA, you poor sods have 110, and must wait an extra few seconds for your café. Complain away!


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