Commentary on news of suicide attempt: How can we be supportive of our friends?

On the first day of homelessness (sort of) and sleeping outdoors, I received this in my email:

Yes, I was shocked. I had known since Jeanene’s last post that she was in trouble. I was scared for her. I could say nor do a thing to help her. Why? Because she had decided to cut me off sometime in September. I didn’t expect her to do suicide (in late October, she says), but I was scared she’d end up locked up since she had stated in her blog that she was submitting to “treatment” yet one more time. I could do nothing. She said not to write anymore. I waited.

By the way, I did nothing but be supportive of Jeanene but she felt I “emailed too much.” I dunno. Is 13 emails in two months “too much” if you are only responding to another’s email? I felt stumped. So now, emailing too much is offensive. I felt like I couldn’t win with her, so I stopped writing just like she asked me to.

From under my tree, I responded to her blog post, while being eaten by bugs.  I guess either the comment never arrived or Jeanene chose to delete it. I will not try to repost. I am too tired now.


4 thoughts on “Commentary on news of suicide attempt: How can we be supportive of our friends?”

  1. The helium hood method is non-violent, painless, and pretty reliable. Her’s was an act of desperation. As Derek Humphry (author of Final Exit) told me – take the greatest care. I feel sad for her that she is still stuck in this hellish realm.

    Excellent blog she has.

    1. Oh my goodness yes it is! She’s excellent, and I sure wish she hadn’t shut me out as she had. I hadn’t done anything except CARE! So since her actions from September on seemed so contradictory, in so many ways, I knew trouble was afoot. I wonder why my comment was not published. I do know that prior to an attempt often people push away those that care about them. I can do nothing but wish her well. And be there if ever she asks. One thing I would NEVER do is to cut a person off if they try suicide.

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