God Made Buckets For Girls and Women

God made buckets for girls and women,but not so we would be slaves. These are so we can run away should we need to.

God gave men penises. God didn’t give women the ability to make convenient piss in the woods. I have no clue why this was done. This is why we have buckets.

I taught myself various ways to discretely pee in a bucket.

#1. The secret wrap-around skirt method. Wrap a blanket around you as if it were a wrap-around skirt. Pull down your drawers as if you are only fussing with your wrap-around. Now, have the bucket lined with a plastic bag. It had better be a decent plastic bag. Don’t use a sandwich bag, you dig? Sit on the bucket. Pee. Wipe (we’re girls, remember?). Be sure NEVER lose that toilet paper. NEVER. Now it’s safe to put paper in this toilet. No worries about clogged pipes. Immediately, tie the bag. Knot it. Stand and pull up your drawers.  Please do not think you won’t spill the bucket, so tying that bag ASAP is extremely important. Story coming up about the time I did not.

#2 method: Tarp. With the inside lights out and your entire self covered entirely with a tarp, using moonlight, sunlight, or lights of passing vehicles, position the plastic bag, do a moon and pee as above.

#3. No one’s around. Screw it. Find a log or rock, sit on it, pee. Just don’t pee near your campo.

If you have no soap and water, use ethyl alcohol. This isn’t available in all countries. I would not suggest booze because the sugar in it makes it sticky as a cleaner.

2 thoughts on “God Made Buckets For Girls and Women”

  1. Maybe my comments about pee are not welcome after all! 8) because i keep getting booted off this site without posting! 8( anyhow, Jukie, why are you peeing into a plastic bag? I do not understand…am i missing somethign? I mean, urine is sterile and can usually be poured right onto the ground, even into a drain or soil, as it will just go into thr wastewater or wherever and not harm anyone. You can even drink urine withiut harm coming to you, in a pinch, though you do not want to do this too often due to concentrated electrolytes. But anywhere the dog pees you could certainly pee, no? Or that is, if Puzzle pees on the ground, why cannot you too? The plastic bag thing seems like such unnecessary trouble…? Love, pam

    1. Because it means an odor. Remember, I have diabetes insipidus, meaning I pee two liters if I really have to go. So I don’t want to stink up anything. Yes, the smell is noticeable. Dog pee isn’t. Cat pee reeks. I must pee away from my campo, meaning leaving stuff unattended. There were no wooded areas nearby, making things difficult for me.

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