4 thoughts on “View of the South Atlantic Ocean from our Campo”

  1. Thanks for all the pictures, Julie. You won’t lose that orange backpack in the dark.
    You are teaching us Spanish words, too.

      1. I’m always watching out with you Julie, lol. I was just reading your Cure Talk interview. That’s probably my favorite picture of you, with Puzzle.

        Have been wanting to tell you I am med-free now. I went cold turkey off an SSRI in July this year (Lexapro/escitalopram). It was intense, but that has settled down now. It wasn’t planned – I just couldn’t bring myself to pay almost $10 a pill anymore, plus I had been wanting off for years. I tried four times before, twice tapering, and twice cold turkey. The longest I made it was two months. I had myself down to a minimal dose for three years, 5mg, breaking 20mg tabs in fourths. My doctor thought I was taking 10mg all that time. I told her I was off the other day when I saw her for an awful case of Lyme disease. She didn’t care. I told her I was doing well, and she put down on the form, major depression and anxiety disorder. It seems that once you get those labels, they stay with you. I was pissed about that.

        It started sixteen years ago when I was leaving my wife. The doctor put me on the awful Zoloft. It had tolerance issues – I started at 50mg and ended up on 300 after five months. I went cold turkey and ended up on Celexa, then Lexapro.

        I actually feel better now, although I am totally depressed. The constant ideation is mostly gone. My excellent therapist has noticed the difference. The medicine kept me in a state of numb apathy. It is good to feel fully again, and I get fleeting moments of joy, which I didn’t have before. It is good to be free.

        1. This is great to hear. They don’t tell us depression is temporary but if you go on pills it’s forever. Then folks think they got a permanent disease. I sure did. I took that photo with my webcam.

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